Not all schedules are worth keeping


“Being in a hurry does not slow down time.”
― Mokokoma Mokhonoana

Hey sis! Officially,  this is my first post since returning back home to Copenhagen! I feel as though so much has stayed as it has always been and yet, walking around a few days ago, I also saw how many things have changed. I am trying to take it all in.

I think I kind of hit the road running since I landed, with things to do and put into place -especially since I am not coming home just for vacation, rather to also get some paperwork done for Taina and I ´s marriage(glee emoji). I got most of it out of the way last Friday and Saturday. However, I am thinking that perhaps the manner in which I landed back into things, wasn´t the most holistic if I am being honest. I am a holistic living and health enthusiast and I would love to help people live more aligned and empowering lives, yet I too often struggle to do the same. To take a slower and kinder approach. I am so much better than I used to be but I am also aware that this journey is and will remain ongoing.

So, after today, after this post, I am heading out to eat dinner with my family – I am excited to give myself some days off to just be present – I wanted to keep creating and making according to THE SCHEDULE – regardless of whatever came my way. I am however wiser. My jet lag has “helped” me become wiser.

Sometimes, you need to know when to cancel out the schedule, especially when you have done all that you need/can (to) do.  – Sometimes having a schedule saves us and sometimes, having a schedule hurts us. Since life is a balancing game, we constantly need to know when to stick to it and when to take a break from what usually keeps things in order.

In conclusion; this Sunday, there was meditating but no Sunday yoga, – we did some work (edited and posted a video on mayinbloom about life in Brazil) and had a one + one holistic session and that alone has been pushing it. Yet, from the next coming days, things are going to head in a different direction. I am going to take on a slower pace – I intend to spend the next coming days, enjoying just being home ( a place I felt homesick towards and missed dearly some days in Brazil) now that I am here, I intend to be present and to enjoy it.

May life find you blooming in the reality you once prayed for – may it seldom catch you trading the treasures of today for those of tomorrow. May it find you present.

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