Remember to keep feeding the fire (November update)

“Listen to the mustn’ts, child. Listen to the don’ts. Listen to the shouldn’ts, the impossibles, the won’ts. Listen to the never haves, then listen close to me… Anything can happen, child. Anything can be.”
― Shel Silverstein


Hey sis, as November wrapped up – I can not believe that I didn´t think of doing this for the month of October as well. I have now been on my Magic 3.0 journey for 60+ days. When I saw that, I slightly panicked a little because I was like “damn! that is almost 100 days already!” – The time is flying and the routine is too. When I look back at the last few days – I can see how things have started rolling in the right direction: I started my one-on-one holistic living and healing sessions(yay!). The trial version that is, and I am so excited to go live next year! Doing that has truly filled me with fire and direction for the next few steps I need to take into, what seems like a foggy but clear path to where I wish to end up at when the 365 days wrap up!

But before all that- I wanted to share some of the highlights & lows of this month and some of October´s as well,  since I didn´t get to do a proper update for it!

1) Embracing my multi-passionate wiring and working with it instead of trying/failing to tame it.

This has been a big one because it has literally changed how I view my work process. I get excited knowing I can pick up projects and cruise between different things as I explore my creative ventures. What I once felt as a big disorganised trait, is actually something that now gives me joy, because I understand that it´s just how my brain enjoys working – by having a few things in the air. Another benefit to this is the feeling that I am never putting all my eggs in one basket – I am spreading my seeds of creativity and work in many directions, constantly planting and nurturing old and new things. I also seldom have that feeling of watching paint dry because I just go to the next room and start painting something new in the meantime. I basically am loving the diversity of my days and work. So, if you find yourself being a happy multi- planter and adventurer – I hope you find joy in accepting your own unique wiring and allow it to bring more magic into your life.

Speaking of which – I also got to create something this month! A two-piece outfit for a wedding I attended and something that has sparked my making spirit again – #makersgonnamake (picture up and on my Instagram)


2) Starting my holistic guiding and coaching sessions!

In October I started my one-on-one holistic living and healing sessions. This was another thing I was moved into before I truly would say that I was ready- I decided to not let my fear of the unknown get in the way of giving it a proper go. I jumped the bullet and opened up spots for those interested to sign up and I was really encouraged by the experiences and insights I have gained through this trail. I can really see myself doing this for some time and the reward of getting to make a difference in other people´s lives for a living is a dream that I would love to work at making a reality. I couldn´t be more thrilled to keep exploring this path and where it might lead me and those I get to bring on the journey with me.

3) Enrolling in life coaching classes

Yes, I signed up! I am excited to start my process in the next few weeks! I don´t think I have ever been this enthusiastic about starting a course/education ever and I feel that that is a clear sign to just keep exploring this direction and following this joy and curiosity.

4) You slack, you slip

So, the not so highlight of these past days was when I caught myself slacking on my morning routine for some days before and after my period. I got to see the effect that had on my overall wellbeing when I take my morning rituals for granted. Yet, as I say, I always believe in the spiral movement of growth and healing and I saw the setback as a gentle reminder. It reassured me that my routines really added value and positivity to my days and if I wasn´t as mindful and intentional, that would also be reflected in overall wellbeing. So, back on the horse we go! 🙂

5) Remember to keep the fire burning

Another thing I caught myself doing, was forgetting to continuously feed the fire of excitement and cheering myself on while on this journey. I wish to never let anything become so mundane that I forget the sparkle that got it all started. Whether in a relationship with my loved ones or with my own personal projects. I reread my reasons for going on this journey and my goals and it filled me with a new ignited spark to keep pouring fresh energy and inspiration for the journey ahead. To not take the daily steps for granted and to make them with intention because it is they that make the journey worth taking.

6) Less consumption more presence

Even though I love having several projects loading at the same time – I don´t particularly do well when I find myself consuming and engaging with too much content at the same time. I discovered I was getting overwhelmed by the amount of content I was taking in and feeling like it was harder to stay focused and motivated because I continuously had too many things going on mentally; – videos, reading articles, over -consuming social media – all these things showed up in me by the mentally and energetically lethargic feeling they induced. I have since decided to cut way down on my consumption – to give eating in silence or with others a space in my life more intentionally. To have maximum two tabs open at a time (harder to practice than I thought) and one task on the move(challenging but so important too). To make space for total silence before I forget what it is – to journal calmly and slowly and with presence.

Some goals for December

Now that I have caught you up with the past few days, I would love to share my intentions for the upcoming days, specifically those of December.

Main areas:

  • Wedding papers prepared and handed in
  • Heading to Denmark – enjoy the company of friends and family 🙂
  • Start contacting people for interviews
  • Designing next years content and life direction
  • Take coaching classes
  • Finish holiday bookings for travels!
  • Prepare next years soul and creative projects!

Finally sis, I leave you with this – that your year, good or bad, has taught you more about where you want to go next and what you want to intentionally work and walk towards. May life constantly find you blooming, may the ashes of your losses and pain work as fertilizer for your rebirth and abundance.

love, light and courage



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