A simply post by intuition

“Intuition doesn’t tell you what you want to hear; it tells you what you need to hear.” Sonia Choquette

Hi sis, happy soul Sunday! 🙂

Today´s blog is written on the day haha. Usually, I write my blogs a few days before – also because I tend to need a few more times of editing to really feel like I have conveyed what I sincerely wanted to share. Today, however, in my effort to not worry about things done or undone but to just flow with the honesty of the moment, I have decided to just write from flow.

The more I work with holistic living, healing and health, the more I am called to stay intentional and practice how I approach my own challenges holistically. I am a student of the messages I share and I wish to continue learning and exploring ways of more aligned and wholesome living. I had wondered if I should just skip this soul Sunday blog but I didn´t want to break the consistent streak I have been keeping for some months now ( yay me!). So, I figured I should breathe in and do what I would suggest to someone working with me, to simply flow with it. I decided to write an unplanned blog post, based solely on the practice of letting go and letting things come to me, intuitively.

So, I would first like to share a beautiful insight I had this week: I feel as though I am ready to be kind again. I think during my healing, which will look different for everyone, I had a period where I had to swing myself into the opposite direction of being a people´s pleaser or caring a lot about external factors. I swung in the direction of not perhaps being a bad or mean person but just someone (who compared to who I used to be) wasn´t as willing to be “nice and kind” for the sake of it. I needed that experience because I believe I was being nice or kind for not always the healthiest of reasons. Often times motivated by fear.

However, I now feel like I am ready to be nice and kind because I know it will be coming from a healthy place. From a grounded and healing space. I still believe in my motto of “be kind but don´t take no shit either”, I just feel ready to offer more of my softness and kindness to the world – and that truly feels good. For a while there, I didn´t find it safe or healthy to be kind or nice but I also know that it is a beautiful thing to accept into our lives when we feel ready to share of ourselves in that manner again.

What else? I am more wholesomely grateful too – I am grateful/joyfilled for the new relationships of sisterhood I have been nurturing this year – I am joyfilled to be falling more and more in love with someone who has truly helped me bloom in the last few years; My fire and soul companion Mr. Sunflower aka my future partner for life (I have an icky feeling about the origin of the definition of Husband and I am still working through my feelings about it lol. Bear with me).

All in all, I feel so lucky in my life. I feel so present and excited to venture out in life, even in the slight fog of things, not knowing where my next income is going to come from entirely nor the outcome of my future plans. Yet feel like it is enough to merely watch it gracefully, as it unfolds intuitively and collaboratively, honestly. I feel blessed to be alive, to have such beautiful and meaningful relationships, to be in good spirits, health and surroundings. To be passionate about so many things and to have such an encouraging way of adapting to life. I guess that is how I will end this, at this very moment, May is happy and blissfully content :). That is all.

Thank you for spending this time with me and for taking the time to read this post. May it have been of benefit and reminded you of the things in your life that truly do shine brightly. Also, don´t be a stranger.

May life find you blooming too, through all that greets you on your journey here. May you trust it to bring you home  and to your soul family safely. Ase.

with love, light and courage

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