Relationships: who to keep and who to let go of

“Loving people does not mean you let them hurt you, loving yourself and others unconditionally is a balance between protecting yourself and giving to others” Yung Pueblo


Hey sis, another week wrapped up! This week for me has been everywhere! It has been foggy too. In my last post, I wrote about how my moon-cycle affected my energy and insights throughout the month. As I start a new moon phase, I am again feeling the tinkling inspiration return as well as the bubbly enthusiasm. I share these phases with you, as a process of not only understanding and documenting my own progress but also, as a way to normalize our connection to our natural flow of life. One that demands awareness and pace management in the different phases of our life.

Our relationship with our body is an important part of our overall holistic health. It is from it that all else is experienced. Another part that I find important, are the relationships we have with those around us. When I think of holistic living, I think of mind, body, soul and surrounding. Surrounding is everything that is a part of ourselves – it is our environment as well as our relationships.

The other day, I was laying around watching some youtube Kardashian clips (don´t judge me lol) and Kourtney said: “the quality of your life is about the quality of your relationships”. That is something that has always resonated with me! Especially since, humans are social creatures by nature. I am a relationship person, I love having and forming close and intimate relationships with those I care about – I have aimed to seek quality over quantity when it comes to the people in my life and that has often brought me great enrichment, joy, love, care and stability in my life.

I have sometimes learned the hard way, about who to have play a closer part in my life and who to keep at a healthy distance and trust me: When you become better at choosing the people you keep close in your life, the quality of your life will greatly improve.

To get more insight into who to keep and how close, I would love to share with you this week’s May in bloom video titled –People´s actions v.s their words // Soul Talk

Otherwise my lovely ones – I wish you a beautiful new week with new energy and inspiration coming your way! I have some wonderful projects in store for next week that I truly am looking forward to sharing with you all on this Magic 3.0 journey – Until then, I wish you the best of luck and send you my warmest of hugs. May life find you blooming in good company wherever you are and may you find the courage to be that good company for others too.

Day 60

Love and light


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