An African in Brazil – A blog series

The 21 of last month, it marked my 7th month in Brazil – making it officially one whole month over the half-year mark of my time in Brazil!

And during that time, as well as the arrival of my sister who through her own interaction with the new culture, I have been reminded of the things I have now grown accustomed to and the things which used to be so new before.

The experience I am having as an African in black Brazil – how this feels like home because I am surrounded by people who look like me and understand many of the baggage that comes with blackness, yet all the time, I am also aware of the fact that I am a different black, experiencing my blackness/africaness in a new way.

For example, how natural hair is cared for, how it is perceived. Or the darkness in the hue of my skin and the way compliments are formulated depending on who is saying them.

About the subtle sexism in everyday house chores management or who is asked about what will be for lunch or dinner lol.

How walking in the street with my partner is different than when I walk around alone.

So, inspired by wanting to document these changes, as well as having recently read Americanah and the main character’s experience experiencing her blackness in USA for the first time, a blackness that was the same and so different from the those of African ethnicity born in the USA.

Or even the fact that I now find it harder to say America to mean USA when I have become more and more aware of how offensive/annoying that is for the rest of the Americas. Like calling a country in Africa, Africa or France Europe- a bit silly no?

So, just wanted to say hi and give you a heads up on that little series on the blog 🙂

Tell me what you think, especially if you too are an African in Black Brazil 

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