Sharing your dreams with dream killers

The other day I was listening to a podcast called ‘happy black woman’ and she was talking about the ways in which we sabotage our dreams. As the amount of black women doing the darn thing rises, there are others each year starting their journey towards figuring out how they to can finally get to doing the darn thing.
One of the ways she mentioned that we sabotage our plans is by telling our dreams to people with limited minds. People who have never had the courage themselves to do the darn thing.  She suggested that subconsciously we do this because we want them to affirm our fears,  to tell us what we deep down believe: That it’s impossible.  Telling someone of a more open mind might actually hold you to your dreams, get excited for you and check up on you. This adds pressure because now someone is actually expecting you to take strides towards your dreams and you can’t backpaddle.
I truly believe that we have our dreams for a reason and that they come to you because you are chosen and because you have it within you to fulfil them. You might not know each step you need to take but you need to start no? You need to find people there or close to where you want to be.
Point is, protect your dreams and share them with awareness of the intention of both yourself and those you share it with. Ask yourself, why am I sharing this with you and what am I really expecting in responsecan I get that response somewhere else or from somewhere else?
But yeah, what about you? Have you caught yourself sabotaging yourself by telling people you knew were not about that life?

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