Woven bag paradise

I have recently developed a great love for all things woven. I always liked the more natural looking objects; things from wood, linen, good cotton and now, a good bag of straws, literally.

I am always looking for things to throw myself into and along with wanting to venture out into making pottery, I am also now thinking about learning to weave and also grow my own weaving material ( really May? yes! lol). It might take some time before I get to post my own women pieces tho ( haha #toomanyprojects) so for now, we can just make due with pictures of some of the most beautiful pieces I have found and would LOVE to add to my closet!

Another thing I really love about woven pieces is how well they decorate your spaces as well. They aren´t just bags but house ornaments and I have always loved that about things; when they can have more than one purpose in your life.

I also really really love how well the organic tanned colour of woven bags goes so well with my favourite colour scheme – earthy-warm-tones!

Hope you are well, wherever you are and that you staying creative, making magic and always, blooming!

(P.s, I do not own the rights to the above pictures!- courtesy of pinterest)

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