The Dream Patio – Green delight

Last weekend, Sunday specifically, was such an eventful day!

We got up around 5 am to go off to town to celebrate Saint Ana, the saint of the city. The celebration included peanuts ( for me) dancing, colours, high spirits and lots and lots of fabulous costumes! Then we headed on to visit family friends before heading off to our last destination for the day, for lunch. By now the introvert in me was starting to get tired but that was of course until I stepped into the house with the most beautiful indoor patio ever! As soon as I saw the green and lush plants off in the distance, hidden by the calm breeze’ enchanted curtains, I breathed in new energy! It was such a sight!

The house is owned by a lovely and colourful couple with the most magical taste in decor and clearly blessed with a green thumb I can only hope to someday possess.

They made us delicious and beautiful vegan dishes that were as colourful in taste and appearance as their home. It was really such a treat to experience!

The house had such a lovely air to it; the light bouncing off the lush leaves, colourfully tiled floors and well-crafted art decorating the walls and corners, great company and conversation, all of that! It was so beautiful and it all got my creative juices and diy-hands all fired up!

For example, I would love to try and making the wooden chairs for sure or something similar.

I am also really considering getting into pottery in some way, some classes or just going for it by myself? It really is on my wishlist for skills I would like to explore someday. I´ve been eyeing homemade plates with their rustic shapes and personalised designs for some time now. Just imagine, I could definitely take my gift making skills to a whole new (and useful lol) level!

Anyway! Back to the beautiful patio –

Did I mention the outside/inside shower? With the view of the sky and the kitchen (showering while you think of your next snack, my kind of shower!)



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