Eatery: Next on my Vegan Comfort lust/list

So, you know how you can make plans/ to-do-list, for places to go or things to buy? Well, recently I have been pinning all the glorious vegan treats on my Pinterest food folder – salivating at beautiful pictures and well-described recipes that make you feel like you can taste and smell the food through the screen! So, every weekend, we make one vegan treat which is basically food we usually don´t eat and food pretty hard to find vegan (if not impossible) in our area. So, I have had to get thrifty and creative if I want to eat the kind of vegan treats I used to enjoy back in DK or things that just are a treat to create and share with others (especially non-vegans).  So far we have made vegan banana bread, pizza and we even had burgers with homemade bean patties and buns made by my mother-in-love.  But there is more to be made!

Here are a few things I look forward to checking off my happy-belly-making-list (So far) Pictures to follow once said lust meal is complete:

Note: most of these lusties are all about indulgence and you can find proper recipes of them (and more) on Pinterest (my favourite place for vegan ideas for everything!)

  1. Bean Burritos with delicious flat bread and a sauce

We will be making this, this weekend (last weekend) and you don´t know how much I have been craving a good home made burrito with a good flat bread recipe

2. Flat bread quesadillas ( using same fat bread from above)

I am thinking curried and roasted potatoes and spinach, garlic and onions (mushroom if I had some) just imagine it…

3. Stuffed Potatoes buns

I am not a fan of mashed potatoes but I found this stuffed deliciousness as a suggestion for left over potatoes – I imagine adding some spinach because everything tastes better with softened spinach, and the texture kind of substitutes the cheesy feeling a little no?

4. Spinach sauce dip and some garlic bread (had me at Spinach) –

Just look at it! What else is there to say?? Thinking sauce from coconut fat and some creamy almond or cashew nuts, ohhh and some grilled and well-seasoned aubergines!

5. Coffee coconut ice-cream to end it all

I am not a big coffee fan if at all #teagirl, but I live in a house of coffee lovers so I thought this was a good treat! Also, thinking of adding chocolate bits in it as an extra treat.

Yep, it´s gonna be some good weekends, hopefully, I’ll successfully pull of these recipes or what I imagine them tasting like! Wish me luck!

Hope this inspires you too and gets your kitchen juices flowing!

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