My favourite podcasts and slow living

Breathe, you are here, and that´s the only place you need to live right now.

I have currently been seeking more knowledge regarding slow living, calmness and just all things less complicated to be honest. I sense that I am doing this because I am seeking to perhaps rebalance myself. To recenter. I feel that life can sometimes become much more complicated than necessary and it is up to ourselves to seek moments to stop, and question whether we are doing more than neccessary, being more than needed or even thinking more than beneficial to our own health and our possibility to thrive.


I have actually been really enjoying running. And for longer periods than just 20min, which was previously, as much time as I was willing to spend on it because I found it painfully boring. While I can do plenty of my other workouts, sans entertainment, for some reason, running is a way for me to really get into something audible. Whether slow paced music (slow because I feel  it calms me more while running than the over-hyped music I used to listen to while running). Something else I have been really really enjoying listening to, are podcasts!

I tend to be the kind of person which likes to find things I like and then just stick to them and nothing else, lol. Which is weird because at the same time, I am also someone who likes exploring new things as well. Anyway, so two of those podcasts I have been really enjoying in the past months and years (even just to use while on long nature walks)  are called  Strangers  and  On Being.

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Strangers is actually a podcast by a Danish woman living in America, who interviews strangers on the important stories in their lives. It is created by “Lea Thau, Peabody Award winner & former Director of The Moth, has created Strangers, featuring true stories about people we meet, the heartbreaks we suffer, the kindnesses we encounter, and those frightful moments when we discover that we aren’t even who we thought we were…”

The stories are very touching and intimate, the kind of things a cold day indoors by the fireplace, with a cup of tea or vegan chocolate milk are made of. If you like/love real human stories of both the things that make us strong, vulnerable and just so flipping inspiring, definitely give it a listen. One piece to get you started, if I could recommend one, is Love,Good and Bad.  Press play and enjoy.


On Being is created by Krista Tippet ( pretty cute name) and she interviews everyone from writers, philosophers and disaster survivors, on their journeys through their lives or works. It´s super intriguing, especially if you are creative, because each episode leaves you, or at least me, very inspired. It certainly gives you ideas to feed your curious and wandering soul. An episode I would recommend as starters, is the one I listened to during my last morning jog in nature. It is about the poet Naomi Shihab, titled Your Life Is A Poem.  And if that´s title doesn´t already leave you inspired, I don´t know what will. Enjoy.

These are the things currently, pulling me into my nowness, into the land of slower observations and sometimes, even calming contemplative existence.

I hope that they are of some benefit to you, as always, with big love

Bloom where you are,


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