Monday Moods: Orchestra Baobab and African vibes

 So this whole weekend, I have been pretty much obsessed with Orchestra Baobab! Not just the music, but the nostalgic warm African  vibes their music connects me with. Reminding me of the music my mom used to play during the dreadful Sunday house cleaning days of my childhood. They have a slow-paced, romantic, chilled, creative, earthy, fun whimsical and sacred atmosphere  throughout their tunes.

Large cows known as zebus pull a cart past iconic baobab trees in rural Madagascar, where they are the most common form of transportation. Madagascar’s climate also suits the baobab tree, which stores water in order to survive the long, dry season that dominates the year.

The band, Orchestra Baobab, is ” a Senegalese Afro-Cuban, Son, Wolof and Pachanga band. Organized in 1970 as a multi-ethnic, multi-national club band, Orchestre Baobab adapted the then current craze for Cuban music (growing out of the Congolese Soukous style) in West Africa to Wolof Griot to culture and the Mandinga musical traditions of the Casamance . One of the dominant African bands of the 1970s, they were overshadowed in the 1980s and broke up, only to reform in 2001 after interest in their recordings grew in Europe.” (from good ‘ol wikipedia)


Their music is such an interesting fusion of so many soothing genres and this band is really going to be one of my favourite finds this month! On youtube you can find many of their songs and albums, but this might actually be one of those findings I would be interested in investing some real money in (which is sooo rare a desire in this digital age, so you know it´s real).

Pemba sunset beach holiday in zanzibar tanzania fisherman africa CB

After stumbling on their music (while looking for music to clean to funny enough) I have since been tripping on musical gems all over.   Something that happens whenever you find an amazing band that ends up unlocking a whole new world of music and bands you knew nothing of John Snow! Domino effect ey? I might be in Copenhagen currently, and even though Eckhart Tolle might not agree, my mind is in Africa, West  of Africa to be precise. It is dancing with my love in a bar, at the beach with wooden floors, with a tiny amount of boob and tummy sweat, with sandy feet in sandals, with a flowy dress,.. no, skirt, with the sun slowly setting, with a stray but gentle dog and her puppy sleeping and cuddled together in a corner, where there is laughing in the background and a women nursing her child while she eats plantain and beans and talks gleefully with her mouth full. That´s where my mind is taken to when listening to this enchanting band. Bon voyage, I say!

Wishing you all the good stuff with more music added to your adventures, to bloom wherever you find yourself, or dream yourself away in the moment.

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