Don´t lose faith – Good things are coming your way!

“You will never know how much you can accomplish until you try. Never stop trying. Your miracle will come in undefined moments.”
― Lailah GiftyAkita

Hi sis, another mini cycle ends and here we are, learning, growing and hopefully thriving.

This week for me has been a “catch-up” week – I have been feeling like I was falling forward just to stay moving to put it simply haha. However, it has been such a teaching moment for me! An Aha-moment of Oprahlic proportionsns! Seriously, I will keep preaching about it until it is as clear to me as day – learning and healing and growing is spiral and never linear. We keep circulating similar themes with new perspectives, new skills and new opportunities to grow. I have been seeing it so much clearer lately. Progress. The universe has been speaking loud, gentle and clear; ” here is your chance to practice the skills you want to master”.

My wishing at ending of last year was to keep practicing faith-based living as well as now I see, patience. Patience is a good friend of Faith while Fear and Impatience also have a thing going on in their little corner of panic. When we face situations where our beliefs and principles are put to the test, when you are not aware, you think this is just an inconvenient fortune when really, I am learning that that is the fortune: Remember how we talked about how we could practice asking “what can this teach me, where can I grow from this?”  when undesired or predictable things happened? Which is a much more empowering stance to take than that which asks “why is this happening to me?”

The answer for me lately has been clear  – ” you wanted to master your faith-based relationship, you wanted to become more confident in the vision you have of your life, you wanted to focus on thriving rather than mere survival, you wanted to explore and practice your magic- here is your chance.”

Having faith is easy when all things go as planned when opportunities keep falling in our lap before fear even crosses our minds. When you start something new and it is applauding and cheering you hear – when everyone agrees that this is the logical and right path for you. When faith comes cheaply, it also comes and goes easily.

If you want to build a stronger body, you lift things that challenge your current strength, you do things that are out of the norm of what you usually do. You build muscles through the challenges you put your body through. Then, in the process you get more than just abs- you acquire the mental and physical skills/discipline needed to not only obtain but hopefully maintain your ideal body. You gain the confidence and self-belief you get from having a vision and showing up each day, with that vision in mind, despite the results taking time. You believe and you practice and you repeat that cycle. Having faith and keeping confidence is a practice and almost a discipline when you are trying to have a different relationship with fear.

The daily choices in the alliance between the two is how we slowly chose our life path. Having fear as your chosen companion takes you closer to the path of more fear, regret and despair – while choosing to walk with faith brings you more confidence in your life, more purpose because you are choosing what you desire rather than what you fear.

The choice is always there – are we walking towards a better us or a bitter us? While it isn´t always the easier choice, like the one to get up and care for your body and eat better – it is the choice that will reap you the best benefits. The choice that will bring us closer to the person we want to become and deserve to become.

Wherever you are in life, whatever challenges you might be facing, I hope it reminds to see them as opportunities to practice and grow stronger in what you believe to be true. For me, that is that we are worthy of the dreams that lay in our hearts, of the meaning we want to live by, of the abundance in life we too are invited to share in. No one is so special that the universe/god/s/dess wants nothing good for them. So, sis, show up, stay focused, supplement with inspiration and motivating experiences/people when you feel you are running low – but whatever happens – don´t lose your faith in the vision you have for your life and those you love. Good things are coming your way and you are more than worthy of them.

May life find you blooming wherever you are, may you never stop watering your seed regardless of how small it is. May you seldom lose sight of your desired path and the person you are walking/working to become, one choice at a time, one day at a time.  You got this.

love, light and courage

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