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“Your visions will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.”
― C.G. Jung

Hey sis! We finally made it this far! Edges and soul intact ;). I have spent most of my day today creating my vision board for the coming year. It started out as something I needed to do but slowly turned into something I was actually quite excited to get lost in. It reminded me of the fun I have just creating, relaxing and creating my visions. I am truly a maker at heart. I love to make things, I love to see things evolve. I love to create!

Alright, so, when it comes to making a holistic vision board, aka one that is divided into different areas of your life you want to focus on the coming year, I wanted to create a clear and holistic vision for the next chapter of my life. For me that came in the form of balancing the flow between my mind, body, soul and surrounding.

I first wrote down what these areas meant for me and what I specifically wanted to mould them into in the coming year:

M I N D :

I initially wanted to learn more about the differences between mind and soul and so, I decided to do a little reading before creating my vision for these two areas. To sum it up, I learned that the mind is the machinery/processing that realizes the soul or that can create the processes/approaches needed to realize the souls’ desires (a simplification, of course, it is much more interesting than just that). When we practice mindfulness and being responsive rather than reactive, all these practices are done so we are able to better manage our processing and how it works for us. I have learned that the brain is always working, it is always collecting impressions and directions and reacting accordingly. So we either master it to work for us and with a purpose or it works at random or even worse, against us if we grew up around destructive programming.

My Vision:

  • I used a flourishing garden to remind myself of how I need to be aware of tending to my mental garden. Of planting goodness and with purpose and being able to support growth and encourage blooming in the seeds I plant in my life.
  • I have affirmations to remind/reprogram my mind to focus on thinking/processing things I desire and the seeds I want to plant.
  • I used books as a symbol of learning and evolving but also as just that – reading more. Allowing for rebirth through new perspectives and findings.
  • The calm beautiful woman meditating is to remind me to stay centred, aware and mindful.
  • Finally, I have a quote to also remind me to let life take its course and pace and have faith in the progress of things I am working on. To remain calm and patient.


S O U L:

The soul and mind are believed to be able to communicate through imagination, visions, ideas and dreams. The soul is where the dreaming happens and the mind is where plans, knowledge and experiences can be combined, sent to the body to help manifest the desired vision or dream. The soul is our essence, where our desires stem from and where our consciousness rests as well as our spirituality. The connection of the soul/spirit and our spirituality is important when aiming to live a holistically balanced life. For my 2019 soul vision:

  • I tried to visualize the essence of my soul – my knowing and what inspires and grounds me
  • I am interested in using more surrendering when it comes to manifesting desires and also how I live my day to day life. Allowing and flow balanced with healthy and intuitive actions are always my kind of jam.
  • I also have my Magic 3.0 reminder there to help me remember my project of self-alignment and staying true to what I know to work for me and my path. Slow and steady but as consistent as possible.
  • Otherwise, I have words such as Joy, which is there to remind me to keep my joy jar full – my creativity and motivation come in the form of joy. So, it is within my best interest that I can flow into my joy state and draw from the inspiration of life and the visions I am working toward almost daily.
  • I want to work from my higher self – filled with peace and presence and joy
  • Also, I am embracing an “I get to do” attitude rather than an “I a have to do” attitude
  • I want to grow as a holistic healing worker and teacher
  • I also wish to dive more into my creative work; illustrations, books, diy´s and multipassionate projects

B O D Y:

The body is the beautiful vessel that puts things into action once the mind decides the path to a vision, goal or dream created by our soul. Once the mind, body and soul are aligned, true magic can happen! However, for the body to sustain itself and all that is needed from it, it must be helped to maintain optimal health and care. This for me comes in the form of everyday self-care and body respect from head to toe. I want to take even better care of my body, from my hair to my nails and skin and inner body. I plan to do this by:

  • Eating whole foods
  • Practising holistic wellness by aligning my mind, soul and body
  • By caring for my skin with natural as well as homemade products.
  • My getting into a stable but simple hair care routine
  • I have no visions of being a certain shape or body, I just want to be in a body that is healthy, well taken of, that is well loved and used with care. I am to do this by having a healthy lifestyle with moderate enjoyable and calming exercise/strengthening as well as eating well and daily living practices (e.g daily meditation and self-care).

S U R R O U N D I N G S:

My surroundings is another aspect of holistic well being that I decided to include more of in my vision and life. For me surrounding is everything else after mind, body and soul. It is the clothes we wear/ adorn ourselves with, the relationships, our abundance and physical surroundings such as our home.

  • I want to manifest a home next year for my partner and I. A place to fill with our own love and energy. I want to have a door sign with our names haha – the small things. I want to have a bed decorated by bedding I made myself, rooms decorated with joy, peacefulness and nature. A home for us.
  • I want to go on more travels, I want to have more yeses for adventures and explorations
  • I want to revamp my personal style, to dress closer to the woman I have grown into.
  • I want to keep nurturing the meaningful relationships I have in my life and growing my soul family in general, in Denmark and Brazil
  • I want to be in an environment where making a living is fulfilling and joyful and filled with purpose. I want also, to have multiple streams of abundant income – to sustain myself in creative ways.

I think this has been my most holistic vision and life mood board. My plan with it is to have it printed and framed so that I can put it somewhere I can look at it daily and be reminded of where I want to be heading in life. Which is so so important because along the year, it can be very easy to lose track of where you are heading to and just get lost in the mess of it all. Let´s try not to be that person this year friend. I also want to have it on my phone and other places I might need to remember what the heck my vision is for this year and what I am doing with my life haha – to simply stay grounded and mindful. I also want to do this with great calm and flow, I no longer want to force things – I want to stay true to my desires and path while remembering that my pace might be unique to other people, as well as my processes. And that that is perfectly okay.

I am working to stay grounded in my own truth of what works best for me and what brings out and sustains the best within in. For me, that is being able to allow a balance between structure and flow, faith and surrender and focus paired with joy. rest (not quitting) and work.

It´s a special mix that works for my own particular wiring and one that I am learning to embrace. To be me fully and intentionally me :).

If you happen to see this once the new year has already begun and you feel inspired – please don´t hesitate to create your own vision board, or borrow mine if our visions are that aligned lol. As long as it gives you a sense of direction, purpose and flow, go for it! I personally believe that the best way for us to design our lives is by actually being able to visualize how a fulfilling and holistic life would personally look like for us.

Vision boards are also therapeutic to make because they bring all that we hold inside, our souls and mind, with the help of our body, to life – a practice in manifestation – from idea to something tangible! This is why I personally love them and while I have not made one each year – after finally remembering how fun and easy they are to make(resource friendly too if you make yours digitally )- I wish to make it into an annual ritual for coming phases in life.

All in all guys, I wish you a very beautiful new year!! – new beginnings (even though you don´t need a new year to start something new 😛 ) I hope this year has taught you more about the seeds you want to plant next year and the vision of the garden you want to tend to, physically, spiritually and creatively. May life find you blooming wherever you are sis. Thank you for spending this year with me and following my phases of bloom. I have some inspiring new projects and directions for this platform next year and I look forward to sharing more and more with you in the coming months!

with love, light and courage

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