Keeping peace during the holidays

“It is tenderness for the past, courage for the present, hope for the future.  It is a fervent wish that every cup may overflow with blessings rich and eternal, and that every path may lead to peace.”      – Agnes M. Pharo

Hey sis! In the rush of things, I sense a lot of stress in the faces and paces of people passing by on the street. This is believed by many to be a magical time of the year! Where we get to celebrate all that truly matters with those who have made it through the year with us and add such value to our lives. Yet, the meaning, which is beautiful in itself, whether you care for Christmas on a religious level or not, often gets lost in all the stress of making it happen.

So, for this pre-Christmas post – I wanted to share some things for us to remember during this time. Some simple reminders that will carry us through the season with more peace and grounding.

  1. Aim for ready and done rather than perfect – whether it is the menu or the presents that are being packed in. Focus on the bigger pictures – the true making of memories are the feelings we create and not always the things around.

2. Focus on the good instead of the expectations – actively remind yourself why you love what you are preparing for or the people you have around you this holiday. We all do things that can be pretty annoying and unnecessary/extra sometimes haha-  it is the beautiful humanness in all of us. It can not be avoided but good lord is there a lot of beauty there too- beauty we shouldn´t forget to chase down the annoying things that often come creeping in our minds. There is always so so much to love too.

3. Eat kindly and think kindly. Enjoy your holiday food intentionally and mindfully. Eat with joy paired with compassion for your body as well – no guilt, no shaming, just compassionate and care.

4. Speaking of food; savour the moments. Time is always passing and so is life. We often take for granted those we have at the moment, forgetting how mortal we all are. This is not forever friend – please savour the moment, hold those you love a little closer and don´t be shy with your words of appreciation. Life is a present in itself, what a blessing to still be here, to have things to stress over, loved ones to complain about and share life with ;).

5. Honour the traditions that feel right for you. Spend the holidays in a way that honours your own values and with people who can respect that too. Whether with family, friends or yourself – this holiday is man-made and nothing that fell from the sky sis (aka, only as big as we make it). As a fellow human, you have the right to mould it into your own liking too. The right way to celebrate it, is what feels right for you this season and don´t let anyone stressing you over silly man-made traditions with there ” we-musts and we-always”. You have a choice.


To end it all of, happy holidays to my growing digital family, wherever you might be, with whoever might be keeping you company. You are exactly where you are supposed to be. May this holiday season bring you new insights to what truly matters to you and give you a peaceful and joyous wrapping of the year that has passed. May peace and joy bloom wherever you choose to plant love and intention this holiday season.


love, light and courage

(p.s I do not own the rights to the picture shown in this post)


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