Feeling “meh”

“Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don’t resist them; that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like.”
— Lao Tzu

Have you noticed that I talk a lot about my moon cycle digitally? I feel like if I do it enough it will be totally normal to talk about it because our moon cycle or menstruation isn´t just something that happens secretly in our pants but something that influences our womanly flow and creativity.

At the end of my bleeding days, I usually feel like I can conquer the world, focused, aware and in flow and direction. The days before my period, everything starts becoming “meh”. Everything I am creating starts feeling “meh”. It´s a drag. The slow down begins; I want Netflix, chocolate and nice-cream with pizza and a good curry dish with a few slices of chapatis followed down by a delicious falafel. Yes, that will be just about right.

My brain is foggy, the slight belly bloat is setting in. I want to do this and then I don´t want to do it anyway. I tried to make a video and “interesting” is the best way to explain the finished product hahah! I am just plain and boring meh!

Yet, this too is life, I am aware of what is happening so I am going to let it flow. To try to lower my expectations and think of doing things for getting them done rather than thinking that they will come out the same way they do when I am feeling more “yay” than “meh”. Because that is what self-care looks like sometimes, knowing ourselves and making space – simply being okay not being 100% there sometimes. 

So instead of blabbering on, haha, I want to leave you with something of value, something other than hopeful relatability.  I leave you with my favourite things to do during my days of meh :).

  1. Obviously, food, nuts, the creamy, the saucy, the dreamy the whole fat – hibernation friendly food – that is what you need.
  2. Good zone-out activities not needing a lot of mind-work, think Netflix, crafts, youtube series, documentary, POC comedy.
  3. Cuddles, lots and lots of cuddles with people or your duvet.
  4. Tea – ginger tea is always a good way to put a halt on the lethargic feeling that often accompanies PMS.

Okay sis, that is all for today, this soul Sunday – I would love to hear what you usually do on your “meh” days and how you make space for them even when you start wishing you felt differently. Otherwise, I wish you a beautiful day, filled with knowing that you are enough and that whatever pace you take your blooming in, it is the right pace for that time.

with love and light

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