Detangling others energy from yours

They say that your vibe attracts your tribe and apart from being “rhymey”, it is also true to some extent.

People are usually attracted to one another because of some shared qualities between them, but just because you have a positive vibe doesn´t necessarily mean that you automatically attract people on the same frequency. Also, as we know, you can also find yourself in a one-sided attraction kind of situation. Whether romantic or platonic. And sometimes, we find ourselves in situations with people, whos vibe or energy we might not be in tune with but we share the same bloodline or paycheck provider,  basically people who are apart of our life due to other factors than just sharing a similar vibe.

So, what does that mean, when you are trying to be more intentional about managing your energy and vibe but you often come into contact with other people who´s energy might not necessarily be in alignment with yours?

Well then, we need to be able to know how to detangle ourselves form unwanted energy: to release it and free ourselves.


If you happened to watch my last video on May In Bloom, you might have known that a few weeks ago, I started getting into energy cleansing. Now, even though I have been on my spiritual or whoo whoo journey for a while now, for some reason I never really got into energy cleansing. However, having been learning more and more about energy and the power of energy or where we direct energy, I have seen the preciousness in maintaining my own light-filled energy – whilst, I try not to forbid, say negative energy, I also try to not give it more space than I feel necessary.  Other factors that got me interested in the preserving of my own energy and managing it intentionally is the fact that I am not only introverted but also the fact that I have a tendency to take on the emotions/energy of others. This can be people I am with every day or even if I get too invested in a series or story – this can be tiring and chaotic if not dealt with awareness.

So here are some of my approaches to not only maintaining but balancing and cleansing out my energy.

Firstly: become aware of energy, understand how energy works, study the value of our personal frequency and how that aligns with what we attract/oppose. You can find a lot of great resources online

Secondly: Monitor your own energy, when is it filled up, when is it zapped, which people´s presence leaves you feeling filled up and which people make you feel like an empty well.

Thirdly: Find your personal regenerating tools that help you put your energy in alignment and comb out any energy that is undesired or that you might have picked up somewhere else.


Some Practices

  • Meditations – meditating can be a good way for you to ground your energy and also to bath in new energy. You can find and do guided meditation geared towards anxiety, negativity or stressful emotions. While I always preach that we should always aim to visit the underlying cause of the issue as well, should the issues be more persistent? I also, suggest that we aim to find forms of meditation that work the best for you – whichever brings you intently into the present moment with enough awareness for you to sort out your energy and find alignment.


  • Sound cleansings – My mom was once going through a very heartbreaking period in life and she had felt heavy and stiffening aches all through her body. A co-worker advised her to visit someone she knew who used sound healing. At first, my mom being the African woman she is, was quite skeptical about the idea of using sound to heal but fortunately for her, she was desperate enough to give it a go. The first session was so successful that she booked a second session despite the price. Nothing to that point had been able to free her from the aches and tensions built up in her body as the sound healing did. All this to say that you shouldn´t be afraid to try out different approaches of cleaning or realigning your energy and vibes. Even the ones too far on the woo-woo side of life. You never know where your healing will be found.

  • Nature bathing (frequency in nature is naturally healing)Nature bathing is also a form of meditation used to clear and re-center energy. You simply find a natural environment or a place filled with greenery and you spend some time in it. I used to have a big tree I used to love in a park that used to be close to my previous home. I would lay on it or just stand under it and it always made me feel more grounded and centered whenever I felt like I was in an energetic fog. In general time in nature should be part of your continuous self-care routine if you do have access to it but it is also great when you just need a good energetic cleansing. If that isn´t feasible, you could also find long videos of nature sounds on youtube and listen to them in the background – apparently, the sounds found in nature are naturally on a frequency that is found to be healing vibrationally. Think, wind sounds, birds, streams, and trees.
  • Sage and smudging- According to Taos Herb ” The use of sage is for healing. The smoke is used to bless, cleanse and heal the person or object being smudged. Sage is used to wash off’ the outside world when one enters ceremony or other sacred space.” This is great if you a looking for a tangible ritual or practice that you can connect with in the clearing and balancing of your energy. The herbs used can also be a great addition to your garden as something you can always pull on when you need to refresh your energy.


  • Prayer – Regardless of religion, prayer is still something you can engage in. You can pray whenever and wherever. You can seek guidance from your healers, ancestors, and spiritual guides to help you navigate through heavy energies or moments. I love prayer for its accessibility, I can ask for guidance and healing when walking down the street, doing chores or while in an energetically depleting situation. Feel free to find a way of prayer that works well for you.


  • Movement & flow – And of course there is the age known practice of movement. When you feel tangled in some unwanted energy, yours or others, nothing helps more than being able to get into a flow. Regardless of what that looks like – a walk, a jog, dancing or working around the house. Just not sitting around and letting that heavy energy fester can help in clearing up your tangles and bring both new energies and perspectives to the table.



I hope these suggestions can help you as they have helped me, if I have forgotten some or you would like to know more about others, do let me know :). Hope you are blooming wherever you are –


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