Affirmation August – Speaking Life

They say life and death are weighed on the lips of the human. We are constantly shaping our reality, not only on what we say, but also what we think of. What occupies our minds. 

I believe that all change starts with mindfulness, you can not change something without a level of practiced mindfulness. What is your mind full of? Which life are you speaking into existence? While I don´t think we are the total equation of our lives and our circumstances, we are a big portion of it. While we can´t always control the external factors, we do often have the choice to manage our inner talks and the words we speak within and the things we believe. Something I like to reflect on and might have mentioned before is; “How is this thinking or idea adding value to my life.” If something is devaluing my life and limiting my ability to be personally responsible for my life, I might need to rethink it or find a better thought or perspective which would be more in alignment with me and my purpose.

The power of words and how we use them is like planting seeds with what we say, which eventually create a garden/life of the things we have chosen to plant/say/focus on. The energy behind your words also matters – you might be speaking life but focusing on death within you. I always say that the most powerful thing we possess is our mind and what we occupy it with. However, it also took me a long time to understand that I needed to be in charge of what I let occupy my mind instead of letting my mind be constantly gone with the wind. We are not taught this in life – we are not taught much about self-management and the power we can achieve when we improve our self-mastery.

We are in charge of what we bring to life in our lives or how we frame what has come to life in our lives. This does not mean that nothing “bad”  happens in our lives but that even when it does, we can choose a mind-frame and words that bring light to the dark- That is, if we wish it to or if we feel ready for it to. So please choose wisely :).

To get some daily reminders of affirmations- I will be posting daily inspired affirmations on my instagram, all through this month. Something I am really enjoying right now and hope that others can benefit from them too. I only post the ones that really resonate with me that day – so sometimes I might not post until later in the day – but that is because you can´t rush alignment 😉 

Anyway beautiful bloomings souls! I wish you all well, I hope you always find value here and something to connect to and that you are speaking life into your everyday.

Peace and light.



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