Starting a little Green Garden

“I’d love to see a new form of social security … everyone taught how to grow their own; fruit and nut trees planted along every street, parks planted out to edibles, every high rise with a roof garden, every school with at least one fruit tree for every kid enrolled.”

– Jackie French

There are quite a few reason why I am quiet interested in growing my own food. One of them being that it feels like the natural thing to do when living on a farm and having so much space to do great things with. I also feel like, it is like going back to my roots by being more connected to the soil and working with it.  The other reasons concern wanting to be as self-sufficient as possible, living simply and more sustainable. I also think that growing my own food will teach me to have a more different relationship with my food than what I am used to having. Also, of course, to learn something new and to acquire a new important skill that I can share goodness with others from.

We have a little piece of land marked off for our veggie and herb garden. It is in a place that used to be used as a place to throw organic matter, so it is really good soil. We have however decided to add some good organic manure to the mix as well. Otherwise, soon I will have to plan out which veggies and herbs I will be growing first. I have also been interested in researching more about the difference between annual, perennial, biennial? and trying to be strategic about what to plant in the garden!

But first the set up! This is what we have so far,..

We have a little design going, started working on the fencing – all a first for both of us. We have some tomatoes growing and pumpkin, which we didn´t even plant but took care of ( So some credit is ours no?). But we are excited to add even more to this little patch of a future garden!

The first step of course is design the garden and plan where what will be and also figuring out how to create the best bedding (hopefully from recycled materials).  Now, there is the preparing the soil and then starting to plant, especially since we have been having so much rain. It is the perfect time to plant our plants.

I have a few pictures of the inspiration I am going for, for the garden, hopefully, also trying to be a little ‘realistic’ since this will be my very first vegetable garden! But I am more than ready for the challenge! Okay, here are a few pictures I will be using as inspiration and moodpboard.

Simple and green and full of life.

Wishes for the little garden :

  • Different plants
  • Flowers as well to attract our bee helpers but also for decoration
  • Plant plenty of diverse things
  • Low- maintenance as possible
  • Use a great amount of recycled pieces to create it

So, that is my new project this year! Wish me luck! May many things bloom in this project and hopefully, I´ll get to share some of it with you too!

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