October eco- friendly wish-list

I have been really loving all the growth in many sectors of eco-friendly products! When I was first learning about sustainable living, it was very hard for me to find things that were both earth-loving and aesthetically pleasing. It was either settle for looking like a forest woman or buy conventional, but I had a feeling that it wouldn’t always be like that. So, every now and then, I check around, mostly pinterest, for beautiful products and items which please my heart and eyes. I don´t think it´s asking for much, humans are capable of creating many awesome things, and many years back, it was the norm for things to be eco-friendly until we got excited about all the cheap and fast crap we could create in the technological revolution. Now, however, and for sometime now, things have been moving a little backwards in a good way, realising that cheap and fast do more than destroy the earth, they destroy us as well. I love beautiful things, I want to surround myself with beautiful things and I want to do all that with as good of a conscious as I can. So, I get super excited when more and more beautiful things are also about that green-life!

Here is a list of a few things I have stumble upon to add on my eco-friendly wishlist this month!

Household Products

1) Of all the house  duties I need to do weekly, sweeping is my favourite – I actually find it quiet relaxing. I think I have always been a more of a broom girl than a hoover ( unless it is one of those handheld ones). I found this adorable dustpan  by Iris Hantverk so beautiful and preciouslywell-made.

2) When it comes to storage, the qualities I look for are; functionality, design, quality and maintenance. I want things that are, again, well made, aesthetically pleasing (to my taste) and easy to maintain. I feel that these beautiful wooden containers meet some of those requirements. They would be even better if they had glass lids so you could easily see what was inside, or you can simply paint a patch with blackboard paint and label them 🙂

Beauty Products

3) I have been getting into making my own beauty products lately, and one thing I really got excited about, was finding green containers for my diy-products.

4) Next to linen, bamboo is my second favourite eco-friendly material! I am obsessed with all things made with wood texture to be honest and I couldn’t have a complete list without something from bamboo. These minimalist toothbrush cases are definitely a huge wish item. Especially living in a place where we share most spaces with little insects and creatures, I like having our toothbrushes in safe-keeping most of the time. They are “made from 100% bamboo! These are made from real whole bamboo stalks. No plastic parts are used, making this product entirely natural and biodegradable”.


5) Reformation bikini’s. While others are going into winter, we are going into summer, it’s only getting hotter and hotter. To be fair, I feel I still have enough bikini’s but if I was to wish for something new, these cute and classic designs from reformation would definitely be it.

– Oh and of course the beautiful simple and timeless dresses.

6) I am always looking out for beautiful eco shoes and sandals and recently, I managed to find some beautiful pieces!

–  Hemp sandals- Htet Wai Yam, made from hemp

– Insecta, a Brazilian and Vegan AND colourful – but yet I choose the cream ones because i´m trying to make sure I can get them to go with everything/most things. Also a pair in a little colour and a little more fun though not fully decided on whether or not I actually like the design.

Home decor


7) Who isn´t crazy about some cute pillows and colourful tassels handmade by artisans? “Each GAIA pillow is sewn by a resettled refugee woman living in Dallas, TX, using unique vintage &/or artisan-made textiles.”  With love  from GAIA.


So, Mr. Santa (or my bank account, whichever works first) if you are listening, – hope you come knocking soon!


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