In Constant Bloom

A few days ago I posted about finally finishing my book! I am still very excited about it, for the little girl in me, for being able to finally start rolling my writing ball in the right direction.

Writing something by yourself and editing it by yourself, bring awareness by yourself, can be a little scary. Especially publishing it by yourself! But I was excited to do so anyway, to finally have it out there, something that spoke my language and told my stories. Toni told me that “if there are stories you want to read but that do not exist, write them!” So I listened. I am writing the stories I want to read, creating the images I want to see, sharing the vision of the future I want to one day call home.


I am celebrating this accomplishment, even if there would be no one to read this book of mine, with all it´s perfection and imperfections, like a child, my own child/ creation, I would still be fairly fond and proud of it. Because it came of me and is a part of me.

So, if you are looking for something new to read, don´t hesitate to check it out and support black female writers, learning to throw themselves out there, to tell stories and write from spaces closer to home.

Best of regards, wishing you all the bloom you can master!


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