Trying out: One meal a day aka OMAD as a Foodie

I have recently ventured into a new “test out”/ project – this time I am trying out OMAD (one meal a day) or intermittent fasting (IF). The thing though is that I LOVE food, and luckily, I eat a fairly healthy diet and for some time now, I have been able to eat all I care for and keep a fairly healthy and fit body. So, I am not interested in doing this for weight loss even though I know that might be one of the main reasons people do it?

I was mainly thinking about the amount of food I was eating and how frequent I was eating (habits from High carb vegan diet). I do however do this with some caution, since I did have an unhealthy relationship with food in my teens and one I am very happy to have gotten out of eventually. I had some moments of starving and binging and bulimia basically all in effort to slim down.  I was lucky to not stay in that bad circle long enough for it to have lasting changes on me. Fortunately, in the past years (most of my 20´s) I haven´t been tempted by diets for weight-loss either, so yay, progress. I really believe that this had to do with finally understanding my African body and why it looked the way it did and actually loving it the way it is!

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So why OMAD?

Well, I noticed that while being able to eat all I care for and still be able to keep my body weight where I liked it, it came with some bad habits: I could eat all the time, sometimes really close to bedtime that I would go to bed really full. I also almost often ate past satisfied, * always aiming for that knockout ( mainly during dinner) #funtimes. Also I have been trying to chew better because I had just been indulging mindlessly. While the foodie in me was happy, I kept wondering if my mindlessness could have other consequences. I have always allowed myself to be a big foodie, I don´t have many other “bad” lifestyle habits (not that you need to have one lol) but I always like a bit of balance. So, knowing that that was the thing I permitted myself to indulge in, I didn´t have many reasons to stop a good thing ya know?

However, wanting to become more in tune with my body, I just kept feeling like ignoring its signals wasn´t really the best way for me to establish a great relationship with it. Knowing I was overeating and ignoring it didn´t really feel that good after awhile.  (I would say however, that when I was team #carbup and eat all the vegan food I desired, that period did have its purpose; to teach me not to fear food and getting fat all the time. So I am grateful for that lesson.) Also, I wondered about what my body couldn´t get to do (healing wise), since I was constantly either snacking or eating delicious knockout meals that it had to spend energy and time digesting? I have long given up on perfection, but I am a big believer in progress and balance. I didn´t want to go on a full fast, so doing OMAD/ IF was actually a good enough thing for me to venture into for a moment.

So, that is currently what I am doing/ exploring. I am on day three now. It´s morning so it is hard to tell too much about today, except that I feel more energized this morning than I did on day two. Also, day one was really easy than I had expected.

My hope is to reestablish a healthier and more in tune relationship to food, one where I respect the needs of my body, fulfill my foodie wants and listen to the signals that my body send me. I am excited to see what else I can learn and feel very inspired by the many stories I have heard from people on this same quest, who are doing it for many different reasons.

Things learned so far:

  1. That we don´t need as much food as we think we do
  2. That “less is more” also applies to food
  3. That a lot of us don´t know what hunger really is
  4. That you make better food choices when you don´t have to make 10 of them each day
  5. That our eating habits a more out of habit than need (e.g eating while not hungry)
  6. That breakfast might be overrated
  7. That you can still be a foodie – sans the knockout feasts
  8. That there is so much time in a day that doesn´t revolve around food
  9. That you shouldn´t be afraid to try new things

That´s what I am currently up to this early March, project wise!

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