Creating a black sisterhood circle

On the 28th of January, yesterday, a dream I had been having for some time finally came true! I got to facilitate my first sisterhood circle for some friends in Copenhagen, Denmark.

I have known for some time that I would like to contribute positively to our small and often distant black community in Denmark. Being a woman, raised in a house of sisterhood, I often felt that I could contribute the most concerning things I have experienced myself, things I have needed myself, things I wanted to change myself. A sisterhood circle just seemed like a great place for me to start. I love women, I love being able to add positively to my fellow African sisters and yesterday I embarked on a little project that got me closer to that.

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I knew how grateful I was for the women before me and I knew I wanted the women after me to always have something left behind for them too. That we cared enough about them, that we took care of each other and made strong sisterhood bonds for them to flourish from. That we healed ourselves and loved ourselves enough to become good future mothers and aunties. All in the spirit of Ubuntu.

I had been planning on and off for a month and I was a bit weary because I couldn´t really find any information on HOW to do this? For some reason, I expected Google to tell me how or even show me example´s of other black sisterhood circles but I couln´t find much. Yesterday, however, I realized, if you are sister, you should know how to start a sisterhood circle? No? I wanted to approach this beginning with vulnerability, trust, good intent, curiosity and courage. I decided for myself, that that would have to be enough, since it is 2017 and I want to be making things happen more than rotating them in my mind too long.

So, I created a little program (courtesy of powerpoint), my sister helped me make some food (since I feel that satisfied tummies tend to be more open than hungry ones) and we started! We ate and then we sat down in a cozy setting (almost circle) and we talked and we shared and we set the tone and foundation for what I hope to grow into  a magical beginning.


During our first circle meeting, we talked about being black girls in Denmark, we talked about self-esteem and confidence. We talked about creating spaces of healing and support for each other, something that lacks a lot in Denmark for many black girls.  When we meet on the street, we tend to view each other as stranger than strangers. We seem to alienate ourselves from one another and are protective against each other for some reason. It´s as though we fear one another? We got to talk about why we do these things to each other and how we can help reshape how we see ourselves and each other.

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We also got to add new topics for the next talks from our conversations. It was a beautiful evening all in all and I look forward to the next one A LOT! After the meeting, to this morning, I feel energized from it, like a real life boost!. Especially hearing all the wonderful feedback from the other girls, knowing what I was passionate about, was something they also wanted to learn from and share from.

If you would like to start something similar, please don´t hesitate or think you need to know all these things before you start. Perhaps that is the beauty of sisterhood, of feminine energy, the creativity and diversity it offers and how it connects you to your intuition. I also like not knowing too much because it allows me and the other girls, to create what we uniquely need from our circle.

That is part of  the magic of sisterhood, learning you are not alone,.. not at all!

Okay, now I have to get ready to start laundry!

Have a beautiful soulful sisterhood Sunday!

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