Can we talk about tiny houses?

I can´t believe my blog has made it this far without a single post about tiny houses? How is that possible? I am obsessed with tiny houses! I would really like to blog more about sustainable and alternative living on this blog. As a source of inspiration for myself and others alike.


One thing I can get glued to a screen watching and learning about, is how people build their own homes in general. I used to be such a big fan of Grand Design and would watch it whenever it was on tv. While we no longer have a tv subscription, we are still able to watch some equally fascinating youtube channels talking about small and eco-living alternatives. Yesterday, I spent most of my morning watching house tours (more like room-tours) of tiny houses and hearing about people´s building stories.


My favourite part about learning about alternative ways of living, is how cool it is to hear the thinking processes behind why people choose to live the way they do. About what is important for them, which kind of lifestyles they came from and how their lives have changed since venturing on  this kind of lifestyle.


I also love how living small inspires owning less and more mindfully, how it requires you to become creative with storage and everyday activities. I also like how many of the tiny house owners are motivated to spend more time outdoors and/or travelling more. There are many different  ways to make tiny houses too; from repurposed woods and materials, to old school buses, to shipping containers. The options are endless!



But can I do it? Mmm, I think I would definitely like to build my own home/s one day for sure (with some help please). Especially one with as much consideration of the environment as possible. I would love for it to be on a big plot of land so that we are able to have a garden of fresh food. Perhaps have other people there too, build into a small community? At the same time, I don´t want to over-romanticize the amount of work and dedication all of those things take. But! I would love to at least make it a dream or vision come true, to be as self-sufficient as possible, create my own home, design my own little life (as I am doing)! I really think that would be an amazing experience ( with a few lessons and life appreciation perspectives too).


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