The project in May – Taurus creating

April In Mourning – MadebyMay

So it is long in May and it is my birth month, hence the name May (my parents are very creative people).

I don´t take upon myself labels unless I feel they sum me up a sort of way. I have been reading up on the characters of a Taurus for some time now and I am kinda convinced about my Taurus ways and perks. If you are a fellow Taurus, Happy birth season ;).

For this month, I wanted to address the things that have been burning my spirits and pulling my roots lately and to work on those as subjects/projects for this month. I decided to focus on Africa, Culture, Activism and Women – I plan to address these area through my art, my words and sharing other people that inspire me in  those concepts! I hope you will stay tuned through the project of May.

My first creation, is a mixture of drawing water coloured flower collages. It was inspired by all the mourning that took place this past April from all the Black women and men killed based on institutionalised racism and the people who are willing to turn a blind eye. I wish for more awareness amongst all humans on earth but especially African people, it is hard to fight your oppressor if you don´t see him as such-


I wish you inner empowerment and don´t be a stranger




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