A month of writing and sticking things out //PEDA.30

“Can I get a high five” How gorgeous is she!! ^^

Guys, we made it!/ I made it!

30 Days and 30 posts and I stuck it out, despite the busy days, when I started too late and just posted a picture or a poem haha!  With topics from funny, to sad, to frustrations! But finally my blog grew and I have created what I had set out to do, so yay me!

I love projects, especially short term projects (short time brain) because I get to geek one thing at a time and improve in that area or learn more things! I think it is important to set out different projects and adventures with yourself and see where they bring you. One project at a time ey? And completing it is just as wonderful!

I hope you have enjoyed them too and I can´t wait for next months project which I am still thinking about. For next month however, it won´t be everyday but 1 to 2 times a week. I don´t know, should I write about female black artist or perhaps dive into creating more of my own art? I was also wondering if I should share some plant-based, vegan and sunny meal ideas here to stock up the Eatery section? mmm! So many ideas! I will let you know some time next week!


Thanks for sticking around and see you in next months projects!

Don´t be a strangers guys!




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