Things I have been loving // Feb – March 2019

Hey sis, today I just wanted to share some things that just have been inspiring me, making me think, drool or fall a little more in love 🙂 You know, just sharing a little joy from my corner ;).

Let´s start with some music. Music is a big part of my existence – I had a period where I stopped listening to music and mostly was listening to podcast but recently I have just been craving, bathing, in some dope and intentional tunes/vibes. It is like a whole new relationship with it has emerged – I imagine it also has a little more to do with my deeper dive into my creative ventures and nothing sets the mood to create like a well-curated playlist.


Yes, perhaps I have been a little slow but here I am! -and I love everything about her – from hearing about her “come-up” story as a poet to rapping to singing sweet dream inducing tunes straight into my bloodstream…Seriously all her songs are captivating but the ones that are currently serving as anthems of the past days, are the following:


The Soil

I recently was watching a girl who lives in Saudi on youtube and one thing I noticed about her was not only the chill but charming vibe of her videos but her amazing music taste – In one of her video I heard this gem – stopped the video – and never returned haha. The Soil is an award-winning South African a cappella group formed in 2003.


Drawing more freestyle

I have been drawing more freestyle recently, and what that means for me is just drawing more intuitively and without expectation, just exploring more ways to make new and authentic/expressive works – I just been REALLY enjoying creating and being around other creators, makers, curators-  I am excited to finally be able to have them online later on in the spring – so keep an eye out for that 😉



On my want list: I recently found out about a Kenyan same-gender-loving-themed movie called “Rafiki”. The movie is by directed by Wanuri Kahiu, who is also the creator of Afrobubblegum  –  a movement of African art/creation centered around creating new images of Africa by African makers. Their goal – “we believe in a fun, fierce and frivolous representation of Africa. To that end, we work to curate, commission and create fun work that celebrates joy”


I watched the trailer on youtube, loved the colors, the music and what I could guess about the storyline especially with the steaming homophobic laws and views darkening our African continent ( I know it takes times – yet it is also taking lives and love in the process) Yet, movies such as this, art such as this, that is rebellious in a revolutionary way – bringing light and love to parts of African life that is too often pushed under the rag.  So, obviously, I was/am looking forward to seeing.  I found out it had come out some time ago and I currently can´t seem to find it being shown anywhere in Denmark but hopefully, I can still get to check it out when it goes digitally. So, for now, I have actually just been enjoying the soundtrack (youtube Rafiki soundtrack) which also features a few original songs. They created such an intimate and comforting space and with such fierceness and fun and honesty -. Intriguing enough for me to remain patient until I hopefully get to see the movie.

All in all, I have been really finding such inspiring gems! I feel sorely inspired and beaming with ideas and inspiration – I am guessing it is that spring – new life kind of vibe.

Wishing you bloom and inspiration wherever you are,

With love, joy, and courage


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