How to be and feel enough?

“What do you believe about who you are? About your capabilities? When was the last time you trusted yourself enough to test them?”
― Gina Greenlee

Hey sis!

How is it November already? This year is wrapping up like a high-school story ending too close to the deadline ” and then she woke up and it was all a dream”.

I have now been on my journey to showing up big and creating a life and living aligned with my truest and healthiest self – for 40 days. Over the past few weeks I have gotten a few quick but profound insights though on my Magic 3.0 project:

  • Joy -keeping – your energy is currency in life – make time to keep it balanced and abundant
  • An effort to do something kind for others daily – I took on the 29 gifts challenged and actually enjoyed how it reminded me to be more aware, kinder but also thoughtful of others
  • Money is energy – replace all your money blockages with those of energy and see if it still makes sense? Such as “there isn´t enough energy for me too” – sounds weird right? There is more than enough energy to go around and bless us all.

Yet the biggest lesson I got insight into these past weeks was the importance of knowing that you are enough in life. I started reflecting on how many of our problems in life come from the lack of feeling like we are born being enough. We don´t have to overcompensate or to devalue ourselves thinking we were made of anything else but the same cloth as all the wonderful people doing beautiful things with their lives.

When we are born, we feel so at ease in our bodies, we feel so confident with our chubby thighs and cheeks and the drooling burst of happiness. We have no talent yet, we can barely have any meaningful conversations, we poop and pee ourselves and we are totally dependent on people we barely know for our survival. Yet, we come with such trust in others as well as ourselves. We are so wonderfully present in all our emotions, the good and the bad. We are free from worry or despair and we bear our existence with such curiosity and wonder.

We see someone speaking and we reckon we probably can too, so off we go! Babbling away. We see people walking about and we figure we will give it a go too, we believe that we can do so many things and we are relentless in our efforts to try and try again unfazed by failure. This approach to life makes us such marvellous creatures as well as sometimes too curious for our own good. Yet when most of us make it to adulthood, we find ourselves more scared than brave, more hesitant than willing. More filled with doubt than trust. We are older, taller, stronger, more experienced and wiser (perhaps questionable) but we suddenly feel less trusting of life and ourselves. Isn´t that wild when you think about it?

I mean, if you are reading this, you have probably gained more skills in every thinkable area of your life but yet, you might find yourself thinking much less of yourself than you did when you were younger. What went wrong?  I believe that like everything else in life, we can blame good old boring society lol –  from school to work – we are taught how we are not enough and regardless of how much smarter we get, we feel dumber and dumber because we are taught to approach life from a fear and doubtful perspective – we are supposed to make the best choices not because we want to or because they will bring us closer to our dreams but because if we don´t, we will be punished- punished by failing, by shame, by regret by disappointment- punished for not living up to what is expected from us rather than from what we already are and are worthy of.

I imagine that if we could pair our self-belief, trust and curiosity as children with our wisdom, skills, opportunities and wisdom as adults, we would all be a force to be reckoned with.  This is why I was in such awe of the simplicity when I first heard that simple idea; that reaffirming for yourself constantly that you are enough can be the missing link that connects your childhood enthusiasm and approach to life with your current doubtful and fearful self.  I heard it first from a talk of Marisa Peer and I started feeling a certain shift which was interesting because I didn´t know that I didn´t feel enough, at least enough to see a difference if I did make an effort to reaffirm that to myself. I am enough.

I believe that this has been the most important take away from these months insights on my journey towards living a life more aligned with a more trusting, curious and awe-inspired approach to life. It is at least something I am quickly adding to my toolbox of mental and emotional notes if fear and doubt rear their little heads. I leave you with this, yes a long-ass affirmation that sums up my lessons from these past weeks.

I am whole, I am enough and I allow myself to live a whole life, filled with abundance and joy. 

I wish you a beautiful Sunday, one filled with knowing and trusting that you don´t have to know it all or plan it all before you can show up for your life. That you can sometimes just show up, pop out like you did on your earth day and trust that you will be provided and cared for, just like you were when you had nothing more than a chubby cute face to offer anyone. That you remind yourself that your worth was born with you and not something external, but internal, the same worth you will leave this planet with. You are enough.


May life find you blooming and basking in your wonderfulness and uniquely curated path of wonder and adventure.

love and light


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