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Style is an expression of your individuality. Who you are and what your mood is, is what you wear.     


Hey sis, is it me or is time just really really flying by?

Today I wanted to talk about style, yes, “the fah-sion” – while you might have guessed that this isn´t extactly a fashion blog, I do however, try to live my life as holistic as possible and for me that does include my style as well, or at least what I choose to wear. Clothing is, after all, our second skin. Whether we want to or not, what we wear and why we wear it does say something about who we are as people.

So quick fact about me – I studied responsible business and design for almost 3 1/2 years. I graduated with a bachelor in the arts and if dressing up is anything, it is definitely an art. Another quick personal fact is that I used to be very effy about “caring” about style. I felt like it was perhaps vain to persue and whenever I would tell people what I was studying and they would say something like “oh you study fashion” I would feel a bit weird about it. I didn´t want to be a “fashion girl” – luckily for me, however, I quickly realized that it was the art part and the design part I was most interested in. I am not a vogue fashionista but I do love a good and expressive outfit. Over the years, as my selflove and care journey evolved- so did my style.  I wanted to wear clothing that expressed who I was and my sense of flow in life.

I wanted to blend the different inspirations of my upbringing into the way I dress myself. I wanted to explore my many facets as a complex African woman. I also wanted to do all this while being mindful of the impact that the fashion industry has on our planet- I wanted to become as conscious a consumer as I could be. All in all, I started developing my own style philosophy and I would love to share some of the insights these philosophy has brought into my life. P.s if you would like to watch this in video format check out my current video on mayinbloom.

Self Expression

I feel that style should feel like you or even, help you embody more of the kind of you, you would like to be! As you might have noticed – there were a lot of yous in that and that is because dressing up is all about you! Your body, your style. So express yourself how you want to show up in the world. Nothing makes me feel as confident as feeling like I really picked the right outfit to express the right feeling or vibe.

Fun to wear

If you can´t have fun wearing it then what is the point? Speaking on point – pointy shoes or anything that is stylish but not comfortable or not allowing of joy to be expressed will only satisfy me in the mirror haha. Once I step outside and I realize I couldn´t even enjoy my day because my outfit felt like a parttime job in and itself – is a no go for me now. If I feel like I need to confine myself to look a certain way – I usually try to stay away – I might enjoy the look and design but knowing who I am, I also know to leave those pieces where they are and to reach for something more effortless and joyful to wear.

Calming colors

This one speaks for itself. I love to look at color palettes that just bring some calmness to my spirit. I am a peacekeeping, creating and seeking being. I enjoy the calmness in all things. They make me feel grounded and giddy at the same time but also present because of the absence of too much visual noise. This pleases my visually sensitive spirit.

Thrifted treasures

Remember the whole responsible design part? Well, learning about sustainable businesses and also, how our current fashion practices were negatively impacting the world, I knew that I needed to put the brakes on the easy and cheap fashion shopping practices I was indulging in. I naturally found thrifting and buying consciously and it all just sparked a new curiosity within me. Like I was looking for treasures instead of just another garment. When it comes to my ethical shopping practices – like anything else I do for the sake of my life philosophies or ethics – I follow my own made up 80/20 sane rule – Do you best but don´t fret the rest – so a few times a year – I do make some small exception to the rule – knowing well that if the rest of the year I put in my 80% then it is okay. I am learning to not be an extremist when it comes to whatever I strongly believe in. Though there are placed I avoid shopping at like the pest too!


Feminine touches

This is because as I have made more peace with my feminine side, I have also been enjoying dressing more feminine. There is such a sweetness in feeling and looking feminine for me now. Such an ease and grace in the softness and cuteness of all things girly. As a woman who loves my womanness and who is learning more and more about it – embracing it wholeheartedly has really beautifully impacted my life.

Earthy and Vibrant

I am an earth-lover and dweller like any other, and since I seek to live in an ecosystem of my philosophies, wearing colors, fabrics, and looks that bring me down to earth or that blend well into nature really puts a huge smile on my face. I love feeling vibrant and alive. This is my other complementary side to the side of me that loves more cooling and soft colors. Now notice I didn´t say “contrast” because for me it is more of a yin and yang situation rather than an opposing opposite situation. Style is about embracing my multifacetedness rather than trying to narrow it down to just one thing. Like a child of nature, I am many things and I try to allow myself to express my many-ness when I dress up.


To conclude sis, style is life lol, t too needs a bit of philosophying about – style is whatever you wish your second skin to look like and to reflect. Style is personal wearable art and each day, you get to adorn yourself to express the piece of art you want to channel. May it always be brave, honest and intentional.

With love and light to you this Sunday and may life find you growing, learning and blooming stylishly, wherever you are.

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