Changes of seasons- Life in brazil

A few days ago, we welcomed Spring here. On the other side of the continent, it is the beginning of Autumn.

I love the changing of seasons and how sometimes it also correlates with the changing in ones on personal life or brings you new reflections, different perspectives on the same old things.

Spring for me has been the settling of the discoveries I made from the passing Winter. New realizations about my life in Brazil have come to me. There have been some very heavy emotional things that I have had to make peace with or trying to make peace with. The theme of my discoveries has really been that “there is more to paradise then the surrounding beauty”.

The relationships we have and build with others and ourselves really is the premises/pillar of anything that can be close to what we would imagine being paradise. It made me realize that you don´t know much about anything or anyone until you´ve spent a significant amount of time there or with that person. Then, whatever you find either grows your connection stronger and deeper or it shows you that the connection that was built was only good from a shallow perspective. Either way, you learn. I have learned new things and I have also learned to adapt, but also to know where my adaptation limits are.

As this year slowly prepares to end, with a ticket back home to Denmark bought, as a new season starts, there is much new knowledge to apply. Next year should look much different from this year. Changes must be made and improvements too :).

I know I might be being a bit too vague, but here is a clue and some advice – apart from partners and siblings, don´t stay too long with people you are very fond of. Sometimes that fondness is there because it is affordable in small doses that come in the forms of visits here and there. But also, if you really want to get to know someone – live with them beyond the shallowness of small visits and fondness. Trust me, only then will you really know who people are and where you are<3.

Okay guys, I hope you are enjoying the changes of seasons wherever you are and I hope this new season is bringing you enlightenment and guidance wherever you are emotionally and physically. May the universe continue to hold you in great favor and may you find yourself blooming wherever life softly plants you.

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