J U L Y : A Love and Wish-List

Hey you!

How are you and most importantly, what is on your current love-wish-list? I actually can´t believe that I never thought of doing this before- especially since I constantly find myself gushing, fascinated, dreaming and gasping over things, ideas and people I find and fall in love with! So, as July wraps up, I wanted to share some of those things I have been adoring in all facets of life 🙂


Mini Meditations:

So, I have gone back to my mini meditation practices each morning and I have been loving it because it truly does make a difference in setting you up for a more grounded and wellbeing-filled day. I used to feel iffy about the idea of meditation, the whole sit-still-and-think-of-nothing for 30+ minutes part. Yet I knew I wanted a new form of morning prayer, and spiritual practice to frame my day with. I had to be okay with the fact that what might work for some, might not be my kind of meditation and therefore, I needed to try a few things out: There was the forest/nature bathing, where I would just make it a point for me to go out into nature each day for a walk and release and reset. Since moving to Brazil, however, that has been a bit harder to do, especially where I live where I don´t have close access to a big part or forest. Sunbathing/charging, however, is in abundance here, so there is that.

What I like to do here instead is to plan out my first minutes of the day intentionally – to make it small enough to feel like its manageable and long enough that it feels impactful. What that looks like is 5 to 10 mins of guided meditation free on youtube- and 10-15 min of listening to something inspiring while I do strength training or some yoga. Then I am done! And ready to face the days sunshine and dragons 😉


Food droolings:

I love love pinterest, I am living my best life on there, closet sorted out, rooms decorated impeccably, future baby nursery envisioned and my meals are a bomb, vegan and photogenic! Here are some meals I found that I am excited to be making soon!

Salty tooth:

Plantain lasagne, excuse me?! Plantain? Oh, the creativeness! I recently made a Brazilian dish that was based on plantain and coconut milk and veggies over some rice and I just fell in love with cooking with plantain beyond boiling and just frying them ( not that that is getting old any time soon either). It was so delicious that I had to make it twice in a row. So, my taste buds can just imagine what this seductively looking lasagne is gonna bless them with. I mean, look at it!

Side dish wish:

Sweet potato tortillas. I love anything that I can pretend is chapati, “then why not just make chapati?” I hear you say – well, chapati is an art-form and a state of mind that I am sometimes too lazy to muster up- but the tortillas, on the other hand, seem to be more forgiving. In fact, there are only two ingredients in the recipesweet potatoes and flour, but since I came in the flavor of black, I am gonna need to add some thinly sliced onions and some garlic powder 😉 But I love love the simplicity of them and also how pretty they be looking!

Sweet sweet tooth

Well, since I have already shared a main dish and side dish, why not finish it up with something sweet? For that, I am dreaming of these fluffy and dripping vegan coffee cake donuts! Which are easy to make and don´t particularly need a lot of fancy ingredients that you don´t already have. For the foodie in me, those three recipes are what I am currently excited about trying out soon! Follow the links to check them out and give them a try too ;).

For the foodie in me, those three things are what I am currently excited about trying out soon! Follow the links to check them out and give them a try too ;).


A friend of mine recently informed me that she had been on a retreat and that it had been a really wonderful experience. All this made me wish even more to one day pack my one little suitcase, some head-wraps and comfy yoga pants and be whisked away to some blissful  place surrounded by fellow women of color and breathing in that good ass prana. On my wishlist of retreats is the one hosted by the magical Satya, an eco-friendly Jungle Escape rooted in holistic self-care in Costa Rica; The Women of Color Healing Retreats. Sign me up sis!

If you have been loving or wanting to add something to your ever exciting wish list – please do share;)

Wishing you a season of thriving and fulfillment, as always!


Pictures credit:  www.laurenash.co,fullofplants.com, bloomingnolwenn.com,sweetlikecocoa.com,womenofcolorhealingretreats.com,

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