One Month on Intermittent fasting (IF) Review

I made it! Yesterday marked, a full month on IF- which started out as OMAD (two days lol). I felt however that IF was better for me, I adjusted the times from 13-19 to 11-19.

When I started I didn´t think it would feel this normal? Or this fluid? Basically, I have adjusted quite well. I have decreased my constant obsession about food (still a foodie) or the need to eat emotionally. I have learned to respect the signals my body sends me, which was a huge and important part of why I gave this ago.  So that mission is accomplished!

I also find myself making even better food choices, which is always great right?. Spending less time food preparing as well=  frees up more time to focus on other things. I am thinking about continuing past this month because; why not? 🙂

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Eating with nature:

I have been learning so much about what our body needs and how much our mind also plays a role in it. The whole mind-body connection, how our feelings affect our eating or what we feel concerning food. It´s been only a month, but it has truly put to test a lot of ideas I had about “normal” eating habits and their effect on the body-mind.

I think about our more natural brothers and sisters, who are still connected with their natural environment who have no overload of information of amounts of calories or vitamin and mineral needs, who just eat what is in their surrounding and when they can, and can still manage to maintain optimal health? With their intuitive wisdom.  I also think of animals, which follow their instincts as they always have, because, from the flower to the elephant, we have it within us to know what is needed to sustain ourselves. You don´t have ignorant plants or uneducated elephants, incapable of sustaining themselves without the input of thorough research and published articles of what to eat, when or how much? They just follow their instincts right? All they need to know is within them.

Leave it to the “evolved human” to complicate living ;).

So, here is to simplifying life a little more, to seeking to reconnect with ourselves and the intuition/knowledge base we, like all Earth’s children, were born with.

Here is to whatever works for you and frees you the most, wherever you are.

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