Beautiful Relationships, mothers and daughters

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So, if you haven´t noticed already, I am a bit of a fan of relationships: Understanding them, exploring them, bettering them, all that good stuff. One of my favourite relationships to explore, is that of mothers and their children, but especially daughters. I am very fascinated at how we feel about our mothers and why. How we both learn from them but also how they learn from us as we grow. Growing up with my mother as the main parent, her and four daughters, I am blessed to see how we all have grown, in the care of our mother. How we have become like her in ways, and how we have learned how to navigate the struggles she had to go through with different resources.

As a daughter, I am super proud of my mother. Her willingness to grow, her willingness to aim for better, her willingness to heal and inspire healing, her willingness to thrive and a life focused on so much more than just surviving. She recently turned 48 and I was filled with glee, because she gave me a picture of how great ageing can be; when we stay true to our calling to keep learning, teaching and growing.

So I wanted to share some videos of some mother and daughter relationships that inspire my heart and perhaps inspire yours as well. These are stories of mothers and daughters of color through their journey´s of growth, through their personal lives and style.

P.s for more on such series check out Stylelikeu´s youtube channel (also created by mother and daughter) and celebrates womanhood and the challenging journey´s that make us us.

Enjoy 🙂

Credits: Video series from allure.com, art piece by Lars Håhus 

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