A love is like a garden

My companion, love, partner, bae or whatever romanticness I could call him, and I, celebrated our first time around the sun. Ahh the first year right? The year of laying the foundation right? Well it has been a shaky but strengthening year, focused on how to make this love, separated by oceans, understandings and cultures work. Agreeing that “where there is a will there is a way” really made this more easy. Committing to our love that is. Ever since then, we have been trying to view our love as a common project, which we work on daily, which we enjoy daily, which we saw and harvest daily.


As someone who has been wanting to learn healthier love practices, seeing my love as a garden needing my care and nurture, and not as something that someone already made for me ( like a park) and me just having to enjoy the labour of someone else´s work or even idea. Knowing and keeping in mind that our love will only be as beautiful and nurturing as the effort we each consistently chose to put in it, is a great practice for me and my partner too. Both coming for challenging but enriching past relationships, we have been more aware of what we really wanted more of in this relationship and what we wanted to improve from past lessons. It´s been a journey worth it.


So here we are, starting our second time around the sun and hoping for many more.

May our love, your love, inspire you to be a constant gardener, may we always be willing to do the hard and less enjoyable work, on our love and ourselves, in order to plant a healthy and love filled garden of life.

May we always seek to bloom wherever love brings us

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