An ode to Rice and all that is good // PEDA.25



Can we like take a moment and just appreciate the beauty and magic of a simple bowl of rice?,..

As a vegan muncher and a strong believer in light but long lasting carbs, I can not deny my love for the sticky white! I am totally devoted to this glorious grain and I might look at you weird if you are not a fan.

You can eat it alone with some spices, you can eat it as a desert, you can eat it with an African sauce, you can it bland or super exciting! You can color it with turmeric and all the colors of the rainbow, you can get it in black, mixed or whatever! Rice is translated in so many different dished and cultures, throughout all the people on this blue planet.

It is; simply.the.besttt!

You get your carbs and whatever else you would like with it- I can´t imagine ever breaking up with this awesomeness! So you here is to you white delicious grain from below.. cheers! (with rice milk)


Remember to think rice and don´t be a stranger 😉



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