Blackout day and digital black solidarity // PEDA.3

Jack Garofalo, Harlem, 1970


“The African race is a rubber ball. The harder you dash it to the ground, the higher it will rise.”
African Proverb

Hey family!


Today is #blackout / melanin power day and so as a melanin rich being, I must indulge in the beauty of this solidarity. Where we come across beyond nations and continents  – thanks to the internet, to appreciate and promote African beauty in all its shades and forms!

If you are still confused, you can follow or look for the hashtag on most social media and be apart of the overflow of selfies, stories and art created by black people. I really like this movement because it creates oneness between so many misplaced black people. For a girl who lives in a mostly white country, it also helps uplift the idea that my kind of beauty and expression and space matters too!

My tumblr became much more interesting and family/iar once I added a spice of melanin to my dashboard and through the people I followed and found. I am hoping that it also encourages people on other social networks, even blogs, to find each other and come together.  Have a lovely blackout and don´t forget to share the love 😉

Don´t be a stranger,


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