First Plant-based/ Vegan Christmas


Hey Ya’ll .Glad you made your way here

Happy holiday/ family and loved ones time 🙂

So, this has been my first entirely plant-based Christmas with the family! And it was just as great as all the other Christmas, except within my conscious framework of fairness and compassion.

I was fortunate enough to spend the first pre-christmas days with a good friend, who I had not seen for awhile, and her lovely family in Paris.  Even though I did a semester in Paris,  it was not a winter semester, so I never got to see Paris in Christmas; Verdict, it´s still Paris, just with more lights and actually, less tourists which was nice!

Back home, my first meal was Rugbrød which I had MISSED more than I thought I would anddd it´s vegan! My mom made a traditional African dinner and the whole family ate pretty vegan that day which was awesome for me and my belly.

For presents, I really wanted to buy local and fair products for my family as presents, so we had teas, chocolates and jewellery made by local artistans in Montpellier which my family loved very much, so all ended well and was well celebrated.

The more I grow, the more I have come to realize that my family consists of different degrees of introverts, we all love to hang together separately but together if that makes sense. We play games together, take walks or watch movies. Otherwise, we talk and snug off into our different screens under a shared duvet which is pretty cool and lovely. But you best believe, when we want to dance or have a loud talk and laugh,  to my mom´s dismay, we can do that all too well too 😉

All in all, I am so happy to be home and excited by the next years plans, such as projects, travel and growth –

I wish you great holiday spirit and beautiful new beginnings and year



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