10 reasons to move abroad



1) To make a dream come true

Because sometimes you have to be your own wish granting fairy Godmother. In this economy?? A girl needs to have a few DIY skills!Perhaps you read about the country in class, saw a beautiful picture of a landscape, movie or even just had to write a boring 4 page essay about it but fell in love. You might have met someone awesome from there or just your soul and spirit was shouting, “you MUST GO”.  Regardless, you just felt like you NEEDED to go and when you see that you are indeed capable of making your own dreams come true, it truly becomes an empowering achievement friend. It helps take you from a dreamer to a  do’er just like that. *Insert Oprah’s Aha moment* 

2) To Be more flexible with life

Moving abroad is the best way to test out Murphy´s law in all its glory. You are basically on a science field trip (add that to your grant application).  It´s like life can take your puffy pink definition of ‘adventure’ and turn it into a mini ‘I shouldn´t have been alive’ series depending on where you decide to go of course. Regardless, being stretched, mentally, philosophically or physically teaches/demands flexibility.  And oh the stories you will have to share and learn from all the frustrations or the tears in public places and disappointments. And essentially, when you find out that things don´t always work out the way you dreamed them up to be, but that surprisingly, you will still be okay. This is a marvellous life lesson you must not miss out on.

3) For creating a more connected humanity

Perhaps you make friends with people you would have never thought to be friends with, or you share your life insight with some stranger and it changes both yours and their view of the world- You realize  (hopefully) that we are all so different yet still one. This might be one small step in your life but a huge one for mankind. Based solely on the butterfly effect, you are practically changing the world without even knowing it. Go you!

4) To be fluent in something foreign 

Or at least “close” to fluent. Whether it is the language, a dance, music,  the food, the politics, lifestyle or traditions, whatever it be, throw yourself unmercifully into something new and challenging. Throw yourself, without the fear of being silly, even though silliness should be wonderfully embraced. The chance to be fluent or close to fluent in something far from our own heritage or upbringing is an enriching experience. Grab it!

5) Your own journalism

So  often we know only what we know based on our own country´s interpretation of other cultures. The views of other people and their country is often filtered through subjective eyes. It often lacks authenticity to how a place or a people really is/are, this is really something that we get to miss out on, but when you travel and live abroad, you get to understand things through your own eyes. Though still subjective in some form, at least it will be through your own filter  😉

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6)To spice up ones boring life

In all honesty, most of us are destined to live pretty boring ass lives.Travelling however, automatically makes your life slightly above average. Living abroad makes it three points more above average/beige (yes, there is a chart you silly baboon :P). I mean god forbid you just get born, go to school, get a job, retire and choke to death on a slice of white bread in your sleep (possible). Though a perfect life for some, many do itch for a little more abruptness from the well paved road of life. The opportunity to live abroad easily adds life to a somewhat uneventful and simple existence ( though there is no such think). Who knows, you might even get to end your life by choking on a warm baguette instead! JK. Be warned though, I hear that being ‘boring’ is pretty translatable in most countries and language, so a bit of effort on your part is usually  required.Sorry.

7) To grow into yourself

Sometimes we grow past certain situations or people but living in the same place makes it harder to truly break free of habit whether from ourselves or those around us. Cause you know, sometimes people or places really start sucking the Jesus or Buddha out of you. A few countries or even continents apart from all of it affords you the opportunity to zoom out and re-evaluate. To Zen out. Allowing you to take and release what you have out grown. When you move and live abroad, it also allows you to launch a sort of new beta version of yourself.  You grow into the person you actually are without  the feeling of judgement or need to explain the new changes because to everyone new, this is who you are. Try out different ‘Yous’ until you feel like you are closer to your own self.Yes,  easily the best aspect of living abroad.

8) To understand that home kinda rocks

Though living abroad is adventurous and enriching, sometimes we find out how badass home really is.  It could be as little as figuring out that your schools, government, system doesn´t stink as much as you thought( especially your public transport). Or that NO ONE makes chapatis like your mom, sadly not even you, and how great it is to be only a few stops from your friends and family. Sometimes we need to go away, far away to really know where home is and how wonderful it feels to be there. But until then, bon voyage! *Julia Childs voice*

9) To Dare your self

When I am abroad, I feel more daring, I feel more capable because I am somewhere new and I am therefore willing to try new things. That kind of girl. When you dare your self you get to see yourself in a different light, you get to expand the vision and possibilities of ‘You’. It can be as little as daring  to order your lunch in a foreign language or to join in on trekking trip with total strangers and discovering that not everyone is out to murder you like your grandma predicted and that friends, it´s kinda liberating.

10) Finally, to fall in love

“Yes, I am here for a cultural and educational experience,..in love, Senior” 😛

I love love, even for just the sake of falling in love. I don´t think you can ever over indulge in falling in love because love breeds more love. And to fall in love in a foreign land, in a foreign language is just as magical as it can be challenging, but regardless, it is gracing and self expanding. To have someone say “I love you” , to kiss under foreign lights is a romantic experience that will keep you warm in your old age as you share this experiences with your children,  grandchildren or cat. To  love is indeed a global emotion and affair but it might taste different in every corner of the world, so grab a spoon milady! But you know what is even better? Perhaps you fall in love with the most important person in your experience, YOU. Because seeing yourself in a new place, in a new light might force you to realize that perhaps you don´t suck as much as you would like to believe you do. ANYTHING COULD HAPPEN. Pack your bags!


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