To succeed without “hustle & grind”?

“You flounder through life, struggling desperately so you won’t drown, even though you would float if you’d just relax.”
― Natsuki Takaya, Fruits Basket: The Complete Collection


A friend of mine recently asked me about whether or not I was team “grind & hustle”, I laughed and told her that I knew she already knew the answer, hence why she might have been asking in the first place. We were talking about working hard versus working passionately/ slow and in alignment. I shared about how my views were more aligned with working from passion but with seeking alignment and downstream flow rather than “uphilling it”. My stance isn´t really that of team “grind & hustle” being wrong but more that it is a team for those already aligned with that message, which clearly neither I or she was. We are definitely more from team flow, slow and alignment.

What does that even mean? Well, speaking for myself; I don´t feel the need or calling to particularly be aggressive about my goals and dreams. Not because I don´t care or that they don´t matter enough but because I aim to care more about the journey of getting there and the holistic values than the pace or destination.  This, obviously in this world, also has a lot of downfalls that I am aware of. Like perhaps a slower path to goals or even successes but as long as I feel aligned in my pursues, I try not to be too bothered by the pace or amount of work needed.

Has it always been this way? Hell no! I am just lucky that every time I tried the whole hustle and grind I either failed or once I got there I didn´t feel quite right. So, it was natural for me to question it and seek something alternative. Something more true to my own nature. On the flip side, I have also had plenty of successes and goals met by way of flow and easeful alignment. That path always felt sooo good! So true to my nature.

Does it mean you do nothing and just chill waiting for things to come your way? I guess yes, if that is what truly speaks to your nature and you have faith and experience in that. Key understanding being aligning with your own truest nature even if that is to hustle and grind. However, for my friend and I, we recognized that even though we are hard workers and very passionate people, we are not forcers of things per se. If it happens, great, if not, rest and try again or something else. Keep it inflow and light, trust the pace of your personal river to guide you.

I believe that there are several paths to paradise, nirvana, heaven or wherever your final destination might be – you just have to align with what actually feels true to you and what replenishes your soul and passions. If you are the slower kind, if you care a lot about the path, the little details and scenery more than just the end goal, it´s okay sis. Especially if you sometimes feel guilty for that, or like you aren´t focused or determined  enough for not desiring to grind and hustle away 24/7, it´s okay. If you find purpose and passion through grinding and hustle, that´s your pace and if you prefer something different, whether you call it flow or alignment or slow-living, that is up to you too.

Either way, it all comes down to knowing yourself, knowing your values and what you want to get out of your life. Also, it is about defining your own work or goal management philosophy. All this is crucial especially if your nature happens to swim against the current. We need to be able to understand why we do or need to do things the way we do them and why it makes sense for us. For example, in my own case, I take my own natural wiring which includes both leaning towards introversion as well as being an HSP and someone who does value a holistic and slower-paced approach to life. This doesn´t mean that I am unmoved by the norms dedicated by society on how to meet our goals, responsibilities or passions, just that I make an effort to find grounding in what I know to work for me, and most importantly, what gives me the most peace of mind (and healthier mind in general). To be okay in having that be enough and I hope your own understanding of your personal truth, way and pace is enough for you too.

I wish you courage, love and light to continue guiding you in the direction of your own personal soul mission.


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