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Hey sis, how are you? Are you fine? You keeping healthy? Loving on yourself? Keeping warm in these cold streets?

This week has been such a chill week for me. I have been investing more in building my confidence lately- I realized that while I felt secure in other areas of my life, there were still a few areas in which I needed some more “mirror practice” if you feel me? I needed to work more on my self-belief and confidence in the way I want my life to be versus the way I think is “safest” for it to be. Slowly and slowly, I see some promising progress and yet I also know, that this is a journey that I have to commit to and keep investing into. Also, as always, I am still on the worthy pursuit of living a holistically balanced life – rooted in intentional living while growing and staying curious.

So, recently I decided to educate myself more on a concept called “slow blogging” have you guys heard about it? As someone who seeks to practice slow – living – I found that interesting and wondered how that might look like as a content creator. I feel as though my creation routine has become more balanced now, especially since letting go of a few other projects that were adding more to the plate then I could chew with the same amount of joy and care. Less feels more.

So, creation wise, I have this blog and two youtube channels – one I aim to post weekly, and the other every two weeks and the blog is also a weekly space. More than manageable most weeks.

What is slow blogging, a definition:

Slow blogging is a movement that prioritizes quality over everything else. It acknowledges that great value, be it a series of beautiful photographs, an in-depth tutorial, or a well thought-out and well-written post takes time. Producing content can be a huge pressure” via – The Lifestyle files 

Why does it matter?

It matters because as the internet continues to move faster and faster – the understanding seems to be that in order for the many content creators to stay “on top” of the waves, they have to post even more content. The effect, however, is almost like a hamster wheel that just moves faster and faster and when quantity becomes more appreciated then quality sometimes takes the back seat. While this might benefit the owners of social media platforms that encourage their creators to create more and more, engage more and more – it doesn´t always benefit the creators or the consumers when we look beyond the quantitative level (money, followers). I decided to intentionally slow down my social media engagement for a more manageable pace. Yet, I understand that there are many who still don´t know how to get off the hamster wheel, whether as consumers of content or creators or both. Often to the detriment of their mental and spiritual well-being as well as the content they create.

I have realized that doing anything at a slower/calmer pace, staying in our lane, becoming more intentional with what we create- are all usually some of the best approaches in a world where it can sometimes feel counterintuitive. Fast and faster seem to be the motto of the machine. Yet we are not machines, we are organic and spiritual beings, even in a digital and technical age.

I have been drawing more, creating more, finding inspiration – I feel as though doing less, just being minimal digitally, doesn´t just help me slow down, but it also feels like it creates more space for my mind to stay creative and find new ideas as well as rest. So, I will be continuing exploring more things holistic living, digital consciousness and slow consumption and creation. I hope this also inspires you, whether you are a creator or consumer or both, to slow down, create and consume consciously and intentionally. Create a new wave to flow with, your own pace. There is space for that too 🙂

May life find you blooming, growing and creating in whatever flow that nourished you the most.

With love, light, and courage

Your digital sis,




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