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Balance is important to me, seeking and maintaining it. I recently uploaded a heavier video topic on my AM channel. I said what I needed to say, similar to my previous blogpost on this blog. Yet, when that is done, I also seek to cleanse again, to rebalance my vibe, my energy. Seek tranquility, return to centre.

So I am burning sage on my blog, visually that is. With visuals that balance me, with words and sounds that balance me. With things that calm me. Like a mental bath of sorts..

“Smudging ourselves daily can be very helpful in keeping balance and in maintaining a peaceful state of being, especially before meditation. Specific times to smudge are when we have been around people who are ill, depressed, fearful, angry or who are generally emotionally unbalanced. Also, when we feel blue or depressed, have been under much stress or after an argument, in which case the environment should also be cleared as well as the auric field of the person.” (from

So, here is to sounds, words and visuals which cleanse my soul – uplift me and rebalance me..My first tune is from one of my favourite African bands – Just A Band with Winning in life. It’s sonically and visually pleasing! Cause you know that I love you soooo …the cleansing begins,..

And then of course, there is the urban witching, something I am weirdly getting so interested in learning more about it. I love the whole vibe of empowered feminine energy. Reclaiming two words used to curse women – W*tch and B*tch. All kinds of unapologetic cleansing vibes. My consciousness is resilient. Yemaya and Oshun.

Orr we can OSHUN for a little bit because maybe we just need “one more loc and a little more shea?”

May your energies be cleansed and your vibes always balanced – peaceee

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