Conscious brothas and sexism// PEDA 8


Today´s topic is a bit ‘darkish’, real – so yeah,.. listen.

Alright now, I am all about authenticity and realness more than staying positive or radical ‘ish. So I NEED TO TALK ABOUT black conscious men, I mean, FAKE conscious brothers. Misogyny is a real thing guys! Or should I say ‘girls’ 😛 Ever since I decided to take the red pill and start opening my eyes to the world as it really  is (still stuck in the rabbit hole) I have been interested in  finding other people who chose to take the red pill, chose to question life and shape their own truth right?

Along the way, I have been very interested in white supremacy and how it leaves traces in so many parts of the black conscious. I used to often end up finding all these pro-black sites, youtube channels, instagrams or just artists.  Something became very clear however; how so many of these spaces were run by black men and how many of these spaces also felt it to be their job to uplift black women and ‘help’ them understand their position in the fight against the system. Now listen, if you know anything about me, it is that anything overloaded with masculine energy, whether white or black, I side-eye a bit/ a lot. Most religions for example are written by men, led by men and usually mostly benefit and uplift men, cause duh, they wrote them. So, this sister right here, this ‘Queeeeen’ right here, was not about to sign up to another men led adventure to misery land. What annoys me in general about these movement is how sexist they tend to be. Calling me Queen instead of ‘b***’ (progress) but still telling me how to be a ‘Queen’ and how to treat my ‘King’??? I am seriously NOT feeling any of that. I have no interest in ruling any Kingdom, so I will not be auditioning for the role of your side kick Queen. I honestly don´t need a brother to tell me about my value or what to do to be a more respected woman. I don´t need brothers meeting up to talk about our communities and what needs to be done but not having a single women to represent the other half of this community. I don´t need a brother telling me how to view my body or what to do with it and I definitely don´t need a brother or anyone else, telling me where my position in society is. Been there, done that, gave it a bad review on tripadvisor.

If you must know, I see myself as having my own universe. In it, I am my own ruler and no, that is not the same as being ‘Queen’. I rule/ decide what happens in my universe to me and how I want to view it and how I interact with others. I hope to help empower other women not to have the same universe as mine, but to believe that they can create their own. I hope to facilitate and inspire their empowerment and uplift them where they are. I hope to end the circle of telling women, especially black women, how to live their lives and what they need to ‘fix’ to be attractive to these ‘conscious’ but still male gazes and standards. All I want to know is, ‘are you at peace with where you are and if not, can I help, can we help each other?’ My message to anyone but especially my sisters, is to find self-love first. To find home in yourself, find solace in your presence, find forgiveness, joy, pleasure, authenticity in your being. Whatever else you add to your life will be of positive consciousness because it will be from a place of your own acceptance. No man, no Bible/book, no product or system can do that for you from within. Only you.

Please never let these kind of men trick you into a new submission once you have escaped another. Do your own research, be your own guide and trust you inner feminine intuition. It is all in you sis 😉


I hope this helps and don´t be a stranger ‘Queen’ ptsss – Side note, I would rather be a Goddess than a Queen anywayyyy 😛



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