Boobs and the braless summer 2015 // PEDA.5

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So boobs, they are great right? They are soft, round and so cute! I love boobs and I love the fact that my body came with a pair :p My relationship with my boobs has changed as I have grown, from when they first made their appearance and I hated every moment of it, especially since they don´t usually both start growing at the same time, but one of them is kinda like an overachiever and so tries to get a heads start kind of situation?

Anyway, today, I can say that I am a proud member of the tiny but graceful boob club and that is just one of the many glorious clubs every boob holder can be a part of! Boobs can come in pretty handy when you birth a being because you know, they can produce take away meals and what not. But until then, they just hang around and make your outfits extra awkward or super pretty or tell you when you are close to raining blood down there (very handy). While most women are pretty chilled and aware of the existence of their boobs, apparently, a lot of people, sometimes even other women, like to pretend that others don´t have boobs. Unless like they are doing important things like feeding a mini human secretly, or a grown human, or just hanging out in an expensive piece of lacy or padded fabric made to motive people to exchange monies on a billboard. This is silly of course, because boobs are just, you know, boobs. And yes they are magical and important but they are also body parts and how someone decides to carry them shouldn´t invite the opinions of other human members.


Screen Shot 2015-04-05 at 21.47.24Like, you wanna feed your kid under the tree in the warming sun? Go for it! You wanna let them hang in your favourite tee and have yourself a breezy day? Hell, go for it! You want to make sure your whole body has the same shade while sun bathing? Melanate away girlfriend! No one should get to shame women into how and when their boobs are relevant. My boobs are exactly that, MY BOOBS and they are strangely a part of me and so, I should feel liberated enough to choose what I see fit to do with them right? 🙂

So like lately, I have decided that perhaps it is time I rethink my boob members and their place in ‘society’ – I have therefore decreased my bra-time to “only when necessary” which for now is ,,… well no event has been that ‘demanding’ yet luckily. This means that the rest of the time, I am freeboobing aka, being a human with specially located fat tissue that is not covered by a special fabric 🙂

I would encourage more women to experience the joy of letting loose! I know there are many myths about what happens once you release the straps, but like everything else, you need to do your own research 😉 Plus, wouldn´t it be strange for nature to create something on us that ‘required’ special padding constantly?? I wasn´t born with a bra, so I doubt it is that vital to my existence you feel me? Plus, the rewards are so much worth it and you just feel more,… free,.. like damn!

Give it a go this summer and don´t be a stranger



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