Paris, Rome and Back Home

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Hey lovely, I am glad the internet Gods brought you here,

The past few weeks have been super hectic, fun but hectic.

I spent the first weeks of January with the family before I left for Paris to visit a lovely friend for a few days and then off we went to Rome to literally eat our hearts out.

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The last time I was in Rome was waaay back in highschool and our teachers, Rome Lovers, basically made us walk our feet off from one wonder to another! It was basically; church, museum, church, monastery, church, gelato, pizza, church and I cherished every moment of it and my teenage self left Rome with great fondness. When I returned to Rome the first thing I noticed was how very nice and warm it was compared to France (always a bonus). Our travel was further enhanced by including both couchsurfing and a bit of Airbnb which made this visit much more authentic and local. Try it like seriously. Living with locals in any place really does make a difference from visiting it as a tourist and the biggest bonus was being able to eat like the locals, go to where the locals went and learn delicious cooking tips! And speaking of eating,..yum yum yum! There is honestly no pasta like Italian pasta!

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Usually, my plant-based lifestyle tries to follow the HCLF (high carb, low fat) direction. Though I am never one to box myself entirely, I try to keep my fat and protein lower and indulge in unlimited carbs more. A lifestyle that has been nothing but positively life changing. So, keeping this in mind, you can imagine my dilemma in the land of unlimited carbs (good) alongside unlimited olive oil/fat (not so good). My mantra for this dilemma however was inspired by  Eat, Love, Pray,which was basically,  “Eat your heart out! if your waist expands they can always make bigger jeans AND how often is one even in Rome??!”

 So basically I ate my pants out and LOVED every moment of it because such is life my friend.

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Finally, after a few weeks of travel I am now back in freezing and moody Copenhagen and getting ready for another adventure which takes place in two days: The LOOOONG awaited trip to Uganda! 19 Years people! NINETEEN YEARS! and plus 13 years since being in Africa in general so I am one super excited woirl (woman+girl).  It so amazing, yet also scary because what should I expect? What will it be like? Should I wear shorts? Will I get sick from the drastic change from freezing weather to heat wave? Will it be like I remember it? Should I kneel when I greet anyone older than me? Will I find the courage to bungee jump? Will I finally feel like I am home? So many questions hey?! But we will only know in a few hours – so wish me luck and see you on the other side of the trip!

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P.s this was supposed to be posted 20 days earlier but the follow up is soon to come 😉

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