Magic 3.0 – Betting on You

“The only way that we can live, is if we grow. The only way that we can grow is if we change. The only way that we can change is if we learn. The only way we can learn is if we are exposed. And the only way that we can become exposed is if we throw ourselves out into the open. Do it. Throw yourself.”
― C. JoyBell C.

Hello friends,

So bad news, Oprah couldn´t be here for this very important and life-changing interview ( something about a harvest day and a ridiculously productive garden), so I guess it is going to be one of those days where I need to step in for both roles.

So, May, Magic 3.0, talk to me.

Okay, so, on Wednesday (26.Sept.2018) I shared on Instagram my new  “Aim- Higher-May” project!  I have decided to name it Magic 3.0 because let´s face it, I could use a new age miracle lol. No seriously, I wanted to name it that because as I finish my last year in my earthly twenties (even though if we count all of my existence,I am already 30 years old, just saying) I want to make sure I enter this new chapter of my life in full grace and bang!

I have studied it carefully actually. While this inspiration might have come to me after re-watching one of my favorite movies “Julie and Julia”, I feel that the push for this has been brewing for some time and I just really needed a new kick, new inspiration to just get climbing and working on my next leveling up project!

I previously owned a blog called boxyprojects.com (R.I.P) the whole idea of that platform was to simply divide my life into small but life-changing projects that would last anywhere from a week to a month. I had however never attempted a whole years project until now. I guess that is because after completing so many short projects, I feel that I am now ready for a bigger commitment and engagement with my life-changing efforts. The Big Magic.

So what is it all about- what are you doing exactly?

Well,  ever found yourself knowing what you needed to do, why you needed to do it and how you needed to do it, but still, you found yourself unmoved, still sitting there aware but unbothered to act? Well, the idea of this project simply put, is to put explored knowledge, intuition and vision into motion, into action. To do while being and do consistently and intentionally. Basically, I am throwing myself into an effort of practicing what I have known to be true, what I have come to know to be true – putting accumulated knowledge/desires into action. I am not doing anything crazy, except getting out of my own. Which is pretty big in itself,..

But May, what is it that you hope to get out of this?

Good question! So, ideally, I want it to be September 26. 2019 – I want to call my sisters and say that “Guys, I freaking did the damn thing” – That damn thing is finding intuitive, joyous and aligned ways to totally become self-sufficient economically while adding value to my communities and those who support my creative outlets and personal growth endeavors. I want to create a comfortable livelihood predominantly from my passions. From my essence. I want to grow as an independent holistic artist as well as a holistic healer, storyteller, and educator. I want to bloom baby bloom basically! 

Okay awesome, but why are you doing this whole thing publicly, why not just do it in the background and then poof, show up when you´ve succeeded?

Well, don´t think I didn´t think of that. No one wants to take a risk or chance jumping on nothing but faith and determination in private, let alone do it publicly. I am not an alien and totally feel the same gut-wrenching fear as other mere mortals. Yet, here is the thing; I want to have some accountability first of all but also, I would like to document my journey for and with people. For good or bad, I want to be honest and present in this big change. It is a big deal for me and I would be lying if I said I was fearless in doing all this. Yet a very liberating practice of mine has been feeling the fear and doing it anyway! I don´t want to be ruled by my fears of failures or of what others might think, see – Let them think, see but I will step up in faith, I will put in the work and in a year from now, I envision being able to harvest the fruits of that joyous labor and action and adventure based on faith and trust 🙂

So, here is to growth, the small and the big, the private and the public – the safe and the scary. Here is betting on yourself higher than you have ever before. Here is to showing up and doing the work and trusting the processes but knowing fully, that you have a say in how your life can turn out- if you really really dare to ask and act.

So join me on this journey if you feel a calling too – take my hand and this digital invitation and let´s skip away into the sunrises of our wildest dreams!

May life find you ever blooming, ever evolving and ever loving the magic on the path of a well-lived and intentional existence.

Peace and light







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